Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 SL/CF still ok ?

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Jul 14, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
I just picked up a few bottles of Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 SL/CF for $6 Australian dollars for 5 litres ! Cheapest i have ever seen an oil like this. Its possibly 2 years old, would it still be ok to use ??? The reason its cheap cause they have a new bottle with a SM rating. But for this price at K-Mart had to get it....
2 years old only. I'd have no problem using a 10 year old synthetic oil. At $6/jug, I would have grabbed a shopping cart full if that many were available.
Sprintman, PP in the U.S and the imported version we have here (Made in USA symbol) is SM, while this Helix Ultra has always been SL till recently, Does this mean it always met SM anyway ?
I think the white round logo "Active cleaning agent" on the SM rated Helix Ultra is not on the old SL rated Helix Ultra. so I am assuming that there was a change in formulation. On Shell website, they have not yet updated their MSDS or spec to include the SM rating.
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