Shell Fact or myth Quiz/Add PopSci Sep 1976

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Dec 12, 2002
I've actually had this mag in my hand twice in my life (the cover gives it away).

Popsci Shell quiz from 1976

Has temperature charts for the grades, and an explanation of which grades were "multi",and which were "mono" grades back in the day.
The subtle slight pointed towards Quaker State serves as a reminder of the "pre-SOPUS" days
interesting. going to give 5w-50 M1 a try.

mostly bitumen still is being used as Monogrades. some multigrades are available.
I was going through all the pages in the ads of products that used to be made in see how manufacturing was alot more local..kinda wish it would go back to that...
What does oil that's holding the whole pound of dirt in suspension mentioned in the article looks like ? Grease ?

Thanks for the flashback !
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I got a smile from the temperature versus viscosity table that recommends 5w-20 not be used in ambient temps above 10F or for sustained high speed driving. 5w-30 is recommended only to be used under 60F ambient, and 10w-30 is not recommended above 90F. Amazing how far things have progressed.
That was about the time I started driving and taking care of my first car. I don't recall seeing 20W-20 or monograde 40 weight oils for sale at K-Mart or Sears back then. There was 30, 10W-30, 10W-40, and 10W-50, yes, and probably 20W-50, but not the others.

I used the QS Deluxe as pictured on p. 21.
The page after shows a Dodge Aspen wagon...I owned the Plymouth version for a couple/three years.
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