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Jan 1, 2003
GreenBay WI
I am new to the site and have been reading previous posts to help me determine what I want for an engine oil.I have a 572 blown chev marine motor making 1166 hp @ 6500rpm.I was going to hook up with bob and order some of the shaeffers oil. Now I can't because they screwed him over on advertsing here.I was told to use a 20w50 or straight 50 weight oil. I plan on changing oil frequently,10 quart pan,so I thought a dino product would work well.Where can I find a shaeffers distributor? I tried shaefferoils web page and the site would not respond.General searches on oil or lubrication did not help either.Any suggesstions would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum. If you will place your email address in my private message box I will give you a email address and a phone number of my favorite Schaeffers Sales Representive,anyone else for that matter who is interested in the Schaeffers Products.

So how much drive do you have in that motor?

He He! Posts come in while I am slowly typing all the time,glad my stuff is faster than I type. I type like I am Oaring

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I would remove it and send it to me as I need a motor for my boat .thus would end your oil problem .
seem like a good idea at the moment
Thanks for the response.I sent Bob an e-mail and hopeully he will respond soon.I felt I should give him a shot first since he went through the trouble of setting up this site.Dragboat, the drive is a jet in a 19ft centurion tunnel hull.The blower is spinning 20% overdrive making 13.5 lbs of boost.I will send you my e-mail so you can link me to your shaeffers source.
Can someone get me the e-mail address for the representative for Ontario Canada, his name is Bryce and lives in Manitoba, I had his e-mail before my computer crashed.

Okay now for my rant. I have e-mailed Schaeffers for the info but no response. How backwards is this company ?, they hassle Bob about starting this site and claim their website is adequate for their sales agents. Well their website basically sucks, and if you e-mail them with the info you get on that site they don't respond. Obviously their website isnt good enought, they don't realize how good this website was for marketing their products. I never even knew who Schaeffers was until I joined this forum, and I certainly would never have bought their products without the great info obtained from here. I'm pissed with their attitude to be honest, but I understand how Bob is caught in this matter. Sorry for the rant but it had to be said sooner or later.

But any info for this sales rep would be great. thanks.

Hey Schaeffers just e-mailed me with the info I requested, maybe they aren't as bad as I said they were. I wonder if Schaeffers follows posts on this site ?, kind of a coincidence that I get an e-mail a few minutes after posting. Well I still like them enough to try their products, but I dont like what was done to Bob and this site.
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