Shaeffer's #701 5w30 blend replacing M1?

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Jul 14, 2003
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Got over 5000 on M1 5w30 in the 2002 Explorer. I plan on going to 10k with it. When I change the oil I was thinking about trying the #100 Shaeffers instead of dropping the big bucks on the M1. Anyone using the #100 oil? Results? I was going to add LC to it as well. Thanks.

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Schaeffer's is a very good oil. Shows as good or better then some of the high end synthetics. I don't see why you couldn't use this oil and get great numbers. I wouldn't go to 10k miles right away on it, but after a few samples, you'll know what to expect.
Nitrox, when you used that Schaeffer's Oil in your Explorer, did you notice that the engine seemed to run extremely smooth? When I used Schaeffer's Oil in my Saturn car the engine seemed to be remarkably smooth. I have noticed the same thing with Chevron Supreme, the German Castrol, and actually Valvoline MaxLife.
Haven't done the Schaeffers yet, but I am going to take the M1 to 8000-10k and change it then. I just changed the Motorcraft filter at 5k and added some M1 10w30 as makeup. I have noticed the engine running not as silky smooth as the day I put the M1 in there. The engine ran so smooth for a while after putting in the M1 I couldn't even tell the engine was running.

You guys think it'd be a good idea to continue the LC adds with the Schaeffers? If I do, should I do the 6 oz application like the first time I added LC, or just 1-2 oz? I was thinking about adding a few oz of LC a couple days before changing the oil to give it a thorough cleaning.
Nitrox ,
1 to 3 oz/quart at fill.1 to 3 oz/1000 miles in use.
For a flush ,16oz for 15 minutes at high idle.


Originally posted by Nitrox:

You guys think it'd be a good idea to continue the LC adds with the Schaeffers?

The very best UOA report on here was Stuart's 15,000 mile report using Schaeffer Oil 10w30 blend and LC. Perhaps he'll chime in and give us his recipe for how much LC he added and how often.
Schaeffer's oil is by far the most underappreciated, overlooked, hardest to find oil out there. I wish I could buy this oil at the retail chains. Does anyone have that option?
Thanks for the info guys. Considering I did an AutoRX treatment and flush before the M1/LC I think I will forego the LC flush. I don't want to use that much product in the flush, and the engine's probably pretty clean inside already. I am going to call Tim tomorrow and order some 100, 132, and Neutra. I think I might try out Molakule's brew. I've already been using the FP about every other tank. Wife never reminds me she refilled the vehicle, so I miss it once in a while.
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