Shaeffer's 5W-30 Moly Pure Synthetic

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Jun 8, 2002
Elizabethtown, Pa
I am using the oil in two vehicles. a 2L Nissan Sentra and a 97 Cavalier. Both vehicles previously had Mobil 1 10W-30 TriSyn. Just drained the Shaeffers today and will send in tomorrow. I am really anxious to see a comparison. The Mobil1 oil analysis for the Sentra (5300 miles) were so-so. The Shaeffers had 6800 miles over 6 months. I really wanted to put Delvac1 (for Summer) in the Sentra-but decided to go another round with the Shaeffer's. The Cavalier had 8300 miles with the TriSyn and I'll probably have 10K miles on it. I'm going for the gusto here since that report was very good (for the Mobil 1). Then I'll have to decide what to put back in that. Hopefully the oil analysis will help clear that up. I wish we had some analysis numbers on the Moly Pure Syn stuff [Mad] [ March 07, 2003, 06:25 PM: Message edited by: Al ]
Hi Bob [Cheers!] Hedging your bet on the Shaeffers stuff already? [Wink] Ya I really don't expect it to do any better only because its a 5W vs the 10W I had in. My main reason for going with it was the extended drain -and I didn't really push that. If it does OK on this I will go the full year and the milage will be 11 to 13 K miles. (If we still have gas [Frown] )
Actually, if you were / are to compare it against the 10w oil other than schaeffers you used prior, then I would expect, depending on the mileage of the engine, slightly better results, if for no reason else better flow, but put 5w blend against 5w full synth, nope, not likely is it going to prove out much better in schaeffers case against schaeffers blend IMO.
Keep in mind Bob, it's been a brutally cold winter in the northern areas this season, so having a full synthetic 5w30 would definitely be a bonus compared to a blend or fully conventional 5w30. I'm still kicking myself for running 10w30 this winter instead of 5w30. Had I known we'd spend most of this winter well below normal temps, I never would've gone with the 10w30 (although I admit it has not caused a starting problem, I just feel engine wear may be increased)
Al, where did you buy your Schaeffer's? Is there a dealer in the Harrisburg, Lancaster area?
slick, contact schaeffers main office to get that info, or call tim and see if he has any he can sell. Patman, I don't think you'd see that much difference between the 5w30 blend/synth from that stand point for wear#s.thats my point.
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