Shaeffers #156 ? extended drains

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Jun 10, 2002
San Diego
Can the full synthetic schaeffers oil do extended drains better that the blend? It seems like it should be able to, but the TBN seems low for a full synth. I know that the exact drain interval needs to be considered on a case by case trend oil analysis. However, would the full synth hold up better than the blend? If so by how much? What do you folks think? I'm also very impressed by the HTHS of 3.8 on the full synth. That's the highest I've seen on any spec sheet for a xW-30 weight oil.
Steve, Myself, having never sold a drop nor used the full synth, I can only tell you what I have heard and seen. According to the in house oil analysis lab in St louis Mo., they tell me that no, that the full synth normally doesn't extend out much farther than the blend counterpart. The only time they normally sell the full synth is when a customer is having a really extreme problem with oil holding up due to really extreme temps and such beyond normal applications. And of course to an occassional few that can't believe the blend can do that well in comparison to the full because of what they see on the TD SHEETs. I have seen reports where the Schaeffers blend used in OTR trucks, have done as high as 80,000 mile oil drain, but the normal is between 30 to 40,000k drains with an occassional 50k drain. Let me throw this into the mix... I have 4 shrimp boats currently running our moly bond 107 40wt. Normal oil changes with delo 400 was 250 hrs, with the moly bond, they are now up to 1,000 hr drains.
I would believe it now that I have run the 7000 blend in extended drain tests in one of our test vehicles.
Originally posted by Terry: I would believe it now that I have run the 7000 blend in extended drain tests in one of our test vehicles.
Care to share more info on this Terry? [Smile]
A point to consider while looking at the tech data sheets, Many feel that the higher the flash-point the better the oil will hold up for longer duration extended oil drains ie.. full synth over a blend. I personally have always felt that this is very mis leading when looking at oils. Just how often is your oil exposed to 400+ temps for any period of time? So, if oil isn't exposed to this extreme heat, how does that effect one oil against the other if both are say 420deg vs 490 deg flash-point? If neither are being forced to those higher levels of heat and taxing the limits showed by the tech data sheets, then neither will be effected to any degree of concern. So what is really happing is the base oil starts to rely on the additive levels and proper blend of each to see how the oils actually handle the soot,dirt,blowby gases and such. This would be one reason why Schaeffers blend may to do close if not as well as their full synth when it comes to extended drains.
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