SG Oil being sold in 2002

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May 31, 2002
St. Charles County, Missouri
[No no] For some reason only known to him, my son in law bought two bottles of J.D. Streett private label 10W30 at a convenience store. Actually paid more than $1 a quart. Put one in his 88 Taurus and was carrying the other one around. This is from memory, but I think the stuff had an SG rating. I've seen some non-detergent SA oil in stores but never anything like this. Are they still blending this stuff or is it left over from the dark ages? I haven't gone back into a history of oil web page to see when this stuff was current, but suspect that it was after 1988 when his car was built. So-- other than telling him not to do it again-- can anyone tell me: 1. If this will actually hurt his engine? 2. Why a company would sell such stuff? J.D. Streett used to retail gas and oil in the St. Louis area. Could it be left over from the time they were a reputable company? Warehouses of crap to move out? Obviously if he had dumped this in a newer car he could have cooked his warranty. Another reason not to buy used. [ July 18, 2002, 08:14 PM: Message edited by: csandste ]
If I remember correctly, when I bought my 88 Dodge Shadow Turbo new in 88, the current oil back then was SF. So SG came out sometime around 89 or 90. Pretty old stuff! I can't imagine the stuff is all that good, plus it's shelf life is now way too old (oil supposedly only has a shelf life of about 5 years) I'd have him drain it out pretty fast if I were you.
If all he did was top off the oil with 1 qt of SG, it's no big deal. I would not recommend he change oil just because of that. Next oil change he should use normal current oil though. If he needs to add some oil before the next change then fine, do it again (with the last of the 2 qts). I WOULD tell him that there is better stuff available for less $$$ though, and after smacking him around for a couple minutes, let him say "ok, so do ya need anything ELSE from the dollar store??".... I saw some SA oil in there the other day myself!!! Seriously, it's ok for now, I just wouldn't do it forever...
That may not be as bad as you think - at least it will probably have higher levels of anti-wear additives than an SL. Look at the 2000 BMW that recommends only SH oil! I guess the Europeans do not have a lot of use for the API.
SF was from 1980 to 1988, SG from 1988 to 1994. Levels of additives in SF are real, real, low. SG was an imporvement and SH a jump. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of companies that sell SF. PDV (who owns Citgo) claims that there is no reason to put SL or SH, or even SG in a 1987 engine, nor SL in anything older than 2002. That it is overkill, and you shouldn't really put that much protection in those engines. One of their arguments is that it met the warrantee requirements - I like to point out that the warrantees were only 24,000 miles in those days. They make a killing on junk. There are U.S. Blenders who still blend SF/CD for anyone who wants it, and a lot is exported. I just recently saw drums of CC from the U.S. for every con man there is a game, and for every buyer a seller or manufacturer. You buy a new Mitsubishi in the U.S. today and I think the warrantee is 120,000 miles or more, with the requirement that you use SL oil. You buy the same car with the same engine here, the manual says you can use SF, but the warrantee is only 30,000 miles.
Actually I looked at the bottle at it's SF. Out of curiousity I may call J.D. Streett and see where this stuff comes from. Can't believe anyone would be blending old stock like this, must be sitting around in big tanks from the eighties. [crushedcar]
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