Severe service Ford Ranger oil choices. Opinions requested

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Jun 18, 2002
I have a 2003 Ford Ranger 4x4 pickup. 4.0 Lt Engine.
I want to use a synthetic oil for this vehicle and I have narrowed my choices down to Mobil 1 0w40, Cat DEO 5w40 and Schaeffer 7000 15w40 or 10w30. ACEA A3 rating is a must. (I must add that researching this site has been a learning experience when I once thought I knew a lot about synthetics.)

My concern is using an oil that will hold up to the abuse of in town stop and go, long idle times (infrequent) dusty roads. My thought after doing research on this site is that the above listed oils may handle my needs. However, I would like to extend the drain intervals to 5k- 7k miles or more if possible. Also, the oils detergent / cleaning ability is important. The diesel oils are appealing.

Any long term users of any of these oils have an opinion. From the UOA section, it appears that Mobil 1 0w40 has the tendency to shear down losing viscosity. It's cheap though at $3.77 qt at a local Wal Mart. That's the regular price.

Cat DEO / Delvac 1 shows good numbers and I found a local CAT dealer who will order it for $19 Gallon. Is it too thick for my application though?

Last, Schaeffer S7000 I read that it is a great oil for a blend and it has shown good UOA numbers. Is the S7000 15w40 too thick? Is the 10w30 enough of an oil the extended drain? Any opinions are welcomed.
I guess when I say extend drains, I am refering to getting as many miles out of the synth oil before it is depleted and not useable. Probably, 5k - 7k miles. This would be verified thru UOAs.

This is my truck for my company use and i drive approx 20k miles a year. I just want to use a synth oil (preferbly one I listed) that will limit wear metals and keep the engine clean. I don't have time nor enough of my wifes Tide Detergent containers to keep up with 3k dino oil changes.
I would say the Schaeffer 10W-30 PAO Blend would work very well in the 5-7k mile drain intervals. I just posted two analysis' with this oil and both had a lot of life left in them. I would think the 15W-40 may be a little thick for a new truck engine but you could run an analysis on the 10W and the next the 15W and compare the numbers.
Scott, looks like you are hooked on syns. Most of the UOAs I've seen are more a function of type of driving, engine, driver etc. not a one size fits all scenario.

I think Ryan points you in the right direction. The blend that Schaeffers' has seems to hold up as well if not better than most syns.

This would be my choice if I were looking for what you're looking for. Perhaps a PM to Bob might get you more help?
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