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Sep 12, 2014
Tug Hill, NY
I'm running a 6.5 turbo in an 86 CUCV with a level-3 700R4.
My questions are about several types of filters, but this seems to be the catch-all forum, so here go's:

1. Oil by-pass: Are the older Frantz filters that have a clamp around the canister good to use, as the price seems right. If not, are the ones with the dual bolts on the sides better?

Transmission: Will a regular hydraulic filter give an improvement over the stock one, I have a filter base ready to use, and plump in-line with the cooler already in place.
- would a bypass like above be better, though more work to install?

Power steering: I also have a base like above for this, should I do that or do is there any need for better?

Cooling: I have no idea about plumbing in a filter for this, but would like to. Any help appreciated.

I'll be back around Monday, so feel free to post away even if I don't respond.
Many thanks to all. I've already learned a lot here.
Originally Posted By: Donald
Many people use a Magnefine for the transmission.

I'm curious any benefit for it on a 1.8L 180 HP auto tranny car? I was told its pointless since my car won't produce enough friction to count and it may take longer to come to operating temperature.
The coolant filter isn't really necessary on a 6.5-but they have a built-in bypass orifice, so they can go between the 2 heater hoses, like on the 7.3 in my F-Super Duty that I use for SCAs & filtering. Does your 6.5 generate a lot of soot? My 6.2 really doesn't, so I've never even considered a bypass filter for it.
It's never pointless to install a Magnefine on any psf or ATF.

The single horizontal clamp/knob Frantz, imo, is better/easier than the dual top knob frantz.

If you plan on running coolant forever, install a filter. If you change coolant every now and then, not needed.
Tell me about coolant filters please. I've only seen the inline screen types.

How about fuel filters for the factory screw in housing on the 6.5? I've two housings, maybe two types of filters?
Bought two used Frantz filter set-ups for the oil and trans. Will just use a hydraulic filter for the steering. Posted a Q about the coolant filter.
Thanks to all.
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