Selling Vehicle with special oil/filters

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Jun 11, 2002
Clarksville, Tennessee
Well, I have been thinking about the time when I have to sell my truck. I was wondering what people are going think when I show them that I have a special filteration system and have been running synthetic fluids since new.

Also would be interested to see how people react to the fact that the current oil has not been change for 20,000 plus miles.

2 Things will happen most folks won't give a crap and not be interested in the filteration, and probably ask me to take it off!

Or People will be dumbfounded that I have not changed my oil, and I will not be able to sell my truck, except only to another person that cares as much as I do!!

Will see.
Personally, I'd pull it off, put it on my next vehicle. I'd not mention 20k oil changes. I would say it had regular oil changes with synthetic since new.
Most people don't think enough to ask for the maintenance records. I've never had anyone ask me for maintenance records when I've sold a car. Which is a shame because I keep track of everything, even average MPG.
When I bought the wife her '92 Burb there were two burbs sitting in the lot. Both Burbs were Garnet, same packages same approx. mileage.

When the records showed the Texan who had owned the one on the left had used Mobil 1 exclusively, I bought it, even though it was a few bucks more then the one parked beside it.

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I third that motion, take it off and don't say a word.
If you are selling it yourself, you can explain the system and offer to remove it if they don't want it.
If you have one of the old cast aluminum mounts, let it go anyhow and use the new system on the next vehicle.
Heck, with any luck you'll gain a new customer.
Synthetic oil itself is a detriment to selling a car, atleast it has been over past 10 years. 99.9 percent of population only care that oil was changed at 3000 miles. Synthetic is too weird for most people . They fear they have to keep using it (and don't want the cost).When they ask me I just say it was changed in accordance with manual, I concur though, dealers on a trade don't give **** .
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