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In order to meet the requirements for any lubricant, the lubricant specs HAVE to be known by both the additive company and the company blending the basestock. These requirements would include:

1) limits on sulphated ash, phosphorus, sulphur if applicable
2) High/low temp viscosity
3) Engine test requirements, including the duration of the tests, the rpm range and the engine load.
4) Oil performance standards, including limits on wear, deposits, oil consumption, change in viscosity,TBN retention and fuel efficiency.

VW DOES NOT have any secret tests with unknown requirements. If they did NO oil company could formulate a product to meet them, ie it would strictly be a hit or miss proposition. All VW can do is double check and repeat some of the testing that has already been performed and then add the oil to their approved list.

I think the VW testing protocol is known. Amsoil has equipment, engines and of course access to outside testing labs as well.

I also think the chemical and physical properties are known through the additive companies.

The only "secret" VW has is why they charge oil companies so much for the certification.

AS for warranty if you use the oil recommended for your engine and use it within the recommended OCI, then the normal warranty applies.
VW 505.01 requires meeting the generic ACEA A3/B3 specs, along with the requirements of VW 500.00 and VW 505.00. It also has more stringent requirments for piston deposits, valvetrain wear and fuel efficiency than VW 505.00. I consider VW 505.01 to be more of an emissions driven spec than a performance driven spec.

I am looking for someone who works on the technical side of the house for Amsoil. The purpose of this search is to settle a long running debate about the 505.01 claim of Amsoil's 5W-40 "euro" oil. It is not certified by VW, so the biggest 2 questions are what procedire was used to certify it since the VW tests are secret, and what sort of coverage would I have as a consumer if my motor has a failure because of this product?

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