Sears OEM B&S Oil Filter Pictures.

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Feb 19, 2009
The Woods of NY
If any one is wondering what the OEM sears oil filter is made up of, here it is, I had it on the tractor with synthetic for about 60 HRs, (about one full year)



Hum, This filter was like $11.99 at sears, and it seems like it is the "Made in China" one from the link you posted? It does not seem worth it.. The first couple of pictures from the link you posted, they seem like a high quality filter, but then, the last 2 pictures, looks like what i posted... Whats up with this? Does sears have many different company's making the oil filters, and its just luck what ever one you pick up? Talk about highway robbery....
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I don't think the B&S filter has anything to do with sears per se. It is entirely a B&S product, made for B&S to their specs.
yep thats what they look like been posted here before,thers two different styles that i've seen,one with slightly thinner media and one thicker(extended vesion),it looks very clean yes thats why i started running mine out longer 100 hrs min most time more 150hrs or your just waisting a good filter/oil.

you don't need to run them crazy priced OE filters lots of cross
ref. filters will work,try a search.

i'm using asmoil ACD and a P1 filter @ 150hr OCI's in my B&S intek 18.5 hp.
Anyone have a cross-reference list between B&S and auto filters? My father-in-law's tractor needs an oil change soon.

This is a real pet peeve of mine; B&S & Kohler both charge major $$$ for a filter that can be replaced by a garden variety Puro/MC/WIX/Fram for 1/4 the price.

These filters are pretty much standard across the B&S/Kohler lines.
3/4-16 thread; 2.734/2.430/0.223" gasket - there are a bunch around that'll fit that application - you're limited primarily by length.
Puro 10241 = $3.00 +/- at Advance Auto;
SuperTech ST3614 = $3.00 at Wally's.
MC FL400S = $3.50 - 4.00 at Wally's. Almost 5" long, might not fit if you have a length restriction.
WIX 51056/NAPA 1056 (2.7" long) or the 51348/1348 which is 3.5" long (the cross for Kohler's "long" filter #52-050-02) run around $6 or $7, depending on where you find 'em, and offer a 20 micron rating.

And here are a couple other threads on the topic:
this is from a post in that thread:
"Briggs/Kohler type" 3/4" X 16 threads 8-11 PSI Bypass Gasket 2.734"OD X2 .430"ID 0.226" thick
Length" Wix Purolator Hastings Kohler B&S Baldwin MotorCraft AC Walmart JD
2.3" 57035 NA LF503 2805001 492932 B7165 NA NA? NA ?
2.7" 51056 L35310 LF302 1205001 492056 B1410 NA PF2210 NA AM125424
3.4" 51348 L10241 LF157 5205002 491056 BT223 FL793 PF53 ST3614 AM101207
4.8" 51516 L20195 LF134 NA NA B243 FL400A PFL400A ST3600 ?
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