Sealants/Syn Waxes with good UV protection

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Dec 23, 2009
Central IA
Looking for a good sealant/Syn wax with UV protection. Current waxes/sealants I have are Duragloss 105, Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax, and Collinite Insulator Wax. Do any of these have good UV protection?

However, are there are any easily obtainable/widely available sealant/wax with that property if none of mine work?
Turtle wax Ice synthetic spray wax.
Uva/Uvb protection, easily available and inexpensive.
I don't know if the waxes you mention have uv a/b protection or not. Personally, I use collinite and top it with Turtle wax ice syn spray.
From my understanding the UV protection is just a marketing gimmick.
I have seen some tests on youtube and on some websites, Do a google search and you will probably find some information about it.
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After reading the Meguiar's 365 link, it might be the one product that could sway me from my Duragloss 105/601 routine. We shall see....
Out of your existing collection, DG 105 and IW845 will offer excellent protection in "Central IA". There's no sense in wasting $ and product, when what you have will work great.
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Why do you need the UV protection specifically?

Would be a nice additive to have in a wax, even if you only want the UV protection part for your headlights.
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