Seal Conditioners in new group Dinos

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Jun 4, 2002
I have read on two sites now that because of the lack of solvency a group II and III base oils have vs the group I's that are slowly going away that they are now adding a seal conditioner to the formulations using group II and III base oils,PCMO's and HD oils.

Does anyone else have additional information on this ?
Group V esters are used (especially in these "MaxLife" type oils) and some companies still blend in a little Group I.
Hydroxyalkyl Carboxylic Ester (Group V) is used in many motor oil formulations that contain PAO(s) and Group III's and is used to increase the VI, cause a slight seal swell, adds miscibility (mixibility) for additives, increases oxidative stability, and acts as a Friction Modifier. In fact, many of the additives are now in ester form and swell seals slightly.

Also, Lubrizol invented a beta-thiopropionitrile
that swells seals.

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