Seafood sauce

Aug 10, 2020
Golden Meadow, LA
In Cajun country, we love to make a dip when eating seafood, this dip goes great with boiled or fried shrimp. Enjoy.

One 30 oz jar mayo (preferably Blue Plate, only mayo I use)
Two 8 oz bottles of Cajun Power garlic sauce
16 oz bottle of horseradish sauce
4 oz Worcestershire sauce( I only use Lea & Perrins)
2 tbsp Tony Chaceres seasoning
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp black pepper
Whisk in a large bowl till it has a creamy consistency. Also great on burgers and sandwiches.

if anyone has a special sauce, please share.
What's wrong with traditional cocktail sauce?

With oysters I like just plain lemon. But around here we also use lime, Tabasco, or Tapatio.

I'm not sure exactly why, but there's also special soy sauce for seafood.

Depends on what it is. I usually don't like the same sauce for everything since that makes everything taste too similar.

Usually I have a basic cocktail with horseradish and ketchup, or an italian with butter, olive oil, garlic and Italian seasoning, or for broiled fish, a lemon pepper glaze, sometimes with rosemary in it, or a BBQ glaze. Adding some very hot sauce to any of these to give them more kick is optional, and usually needs to be done to my food alone instead of *contaminating* everyone else's.

Burgers, if a straight up lettuce tomato pickle onion etc burger instead of specialty (bacon cheese, mushroom swiss, etc), I'd do mayo, garlic powder, black pepper, hot sauce. Sometimes I get lazy and mustard is enough already. Make it too complicated and the faux-fast-food aspect goes away.
That sounds great.

I mix up my own sauces for various entrees or meats. Mayo and horseradish are two of my staple ingredients and that above, I can tell, would be great.

Here's one I just ran across the other day. Have not made it yet but looking forward to it:

German/English hybrid curry ketchup.

Here's another one I make each summer. Banana ketchup (which is closer to the real ketchup than you think). Then use this as the ketchup base in your barbecue sauce recipe? Oh wow. Minds=Blown when you tell people.