Scored some oil today

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Jul 18, 2002
I was out running errands and stopped at one of the dollar stores. Scored 77 quarts of Trop Artic 10W30 GF4 synthetic blend for a $1 per quart. I'm not really brand loyal but I do like the Conoco Phillips oils. [Smile] My stash is getting out of control [Cheers!]
I've got to do an inventory. I have at least a few hundred quarts. I have a cabinet in my garage that is completely full and then I have a shelving unit in my basement that is pretty full as well. Pretty much everthing from GC 0W30 to Spectrum (Warren) 5w30 (buddy gave me a couple of cases -- I use it for flush oil with Auto RX or for 2K runs in some of my own cars.
Holy smokes, how many cars do you own and how old are you. Seems to me you've got enough oil to last about 3 lifetimes. And what you gonna do say within 10 years the oil standards will be so much improved that what you got today will be compared to API SA rated oils. Maybe you need to set up an oil shop and go for some profits instead. Lol !!
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