Scored some free Quaker State

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Mar 21, 2005
Elderly County, Florida
Howdy fellow oilers:
My neighbor is moving back north after 20 years of fun and sun here in beautiful Florida. He brought me a box of oil from his garage. 12 quarts of Quaker State HD SAE 40 weight. API service SF - SE - CC. I'm wondering how old this stuff really is. He said he couldn't remember when he bought it but it's hiding behind some stuff until he found it in the move. It's in plastic bottles which are white and round rather than the retangle bottles most oils come in today. (And I believe today's Quaker State bottles are green).
The bottle says on top left hand corner:
"New Improved" and then below the Quaker State seal it says:
"With QSX for Superior Engine Protection."

Back label says:
"Now only Quaker State with QSX provides the best engine protection available - superior to any conventional motor oil. Our QSX additives have been proven to significantly reduce harmful deposits that reduce engine life and will help keep your engine clean, cool under extreme high temperature conditions, and sealed for maximum power and minimum oil consumption. Quaker State Motor Oil with QSX exceeds manufacture's warranty requirements. Check your Owner's Manual for the proper SAE grade, API service level and oil change intervals."

The little seal at the bottom (with the "C" inside the circle) says: "1986 by Quaker State Oil refining corp. Oil City, PA. 16301 Made in U.S.A.

Does anyone have any idea how old this oil is?

In addition to the oil, he gave me one quart of Dexron II, Sears brand Automatic Transmission Fluid - in a cardboard can! - Never opened
Sorry, don't know about the oil. Re: the cardboard can. I wouldn't toss it or use it til you find out whether it's worth more as a collector's item. People are weird about what they collect. Maybe take a look on
It probably is a collectable. There are a lot of folks collecting old oil cans (there is a new 6 volume photo guide coming out). Not sure it is worth more than a buck a quart to them, but who knows. Maybe you should try to sell some on Ebay.
I opened one bottle last night and poured a little in a glass. It's very, very dark, like really strong coffee. Holding some up to the light, it has a greenish color to it. It ought to work really well in my cooks with a torch
Keep asking around - don't toss the oil out. I'm sure there's good secondary use for the oil... perhaps a machine shop.
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