Scored some CG 0W30 cheap!

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Jul 18, 2002
I brought my father to the airport fairly early this morning.

On my way home I took a detour in search of a Dunkin Donuts (or other coffee shop). I needed another cup of java to get going. I spotted an auto parts store that I've never been to before and the "open" light just came on. I stopped in to look around. I really wasn't looking to buy anything but I do like browsing in auto parts stores that I have never been too.

Anyway, I get to the last isle and I see a good size selection of Castrol oil. I picked up the 0W30 (normally I use Chevron Supreme 10W30) and it is the German variety.

This is the first time I've seen the German castrol. I shout over to the counter guy asking how much for the Syntec 0W30. He says "$2.49". I say no the Syntec and I hold up the bottle.

He says $2.49. Then he goes on to say that they are blowing out the 0W30 at the same prices as the regular Castrol. He tells me that it doesn't sell well and they want to free up the shelf space. He then goes on to tell me that 0W30 is the same as straight 30 and they don't get much call for synthetic oil in a 30 weight. Now I realize that this guy is clueless. There were only 7 bottles on the shelf. I asked him if he had anymore and he said no.

He gave me an additional 10% off for "cleaning off the shelf".

So, I got 7 quarts of German Castrol 0W30 for less than $17 out the door (tax included). Not a bad way to start the day. Too bad they didn't have 5 or 6 cases -- I would have bought it all at that price.

My wifes car is due for an oil change so I'm going to use the GC in her car. Not a bad way to start a Saturday
I'm still debating whether I should go buy more of this stuff......I only have 6 qrts which I will use as soon as my M1/132 mix is out.
I think the GC and Valvoline's Engine Protector would be a good combo that I will try if I ever go for a second batch on GC.....the protector has a good amount of moly and zinc and other goodies, plus it's a 40w at 100*C.
We'll see!?

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