Scheaffers Question

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Sep 23, 2003
I need some Schaeffers ATF fluid, so I'm going to place the "big direct order" from Schaeffers. Basically I'm ordering my ATF fluid, and I'm going to order oil to round up the order to the correct amount.

While trying to decide between the 5W30 and 10W30 (#701 & #703) I was reading some posts. In there it was saying that the #701 was groupIII and the 10W30 was GroupII. On the 'new' Schaeffers site, the 5W30 is showing up as "solvent refined, severely raffinate hydroconverted Group II Plus100% paraffin base oils and polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluid". Same pour point, etc.

Which is better in light of this? You would think that if the 701 was indeed GroupIII that they would have changed this info by now? I'm in Richmond, VA so either oil is fine from a temperature perspective. I'm wondering which to run year-round. also, if you're in RIC or thereabouts & want in on the order, let me know.

Thanks everyone!
I don't claim to be an expert but looking at the UAO's that have surfaced here either would be fine. I use the 10w30 because, I know just because. Believe me the car will not know the difference.
As to the differences in the oil groups used I would guess that the Group 3 used in the 5w30 is there because of the extra vis spread as opposed to the 10w30. Where are all the experts when we need one?
This would be a perfect question for Bob if he were here.
I miss Bob.
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