Schaeffer's VOA's ?

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Feb 28, 2003
Bradford, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
I was looking for a VOA on Schaeffer's racing oils 20w-50 (#191 & #705). I have searched and, much to my surprise, found none. I even searched the UOA's & found nothing. I would really like to find out the numbers for Zinc, Moly, Phos, & Calc for these two oils. I saw a post by Bob with VOA for 700, 701, & 703. I'm assuming that the 705 would be similar, but I want to make sure. There was also some discussion that the numbers posted may have been prior to the API SL rating.
I believe that those are older #'s and I do not have the latest. I can also assure you that the 705 is a racing oil and will be different as it's only a 5.5 tbn as opposed to an 8 on 701&3, and 10 on the 700. Which all means, there are some differences in the formulation. the 705 will have lower amounts of detergents as it isn't designed as a regular car oil but for racing where they pull the oil out after a much shorter time than 3k.
The TBN on Schaeffer's site is 7.1 for the #705. I am really considering this oil for my motorcycle, but I am now wondering about the low level of detergents. I was thinking I could run this oil for 3-4,000 miles prior to draining it.
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