Schaeffer's Supreme 7000 - The "Right Coice"?

May 27, 2002
Is the mineral oil component of Schaeffer's Supreme 7000 group II or III? I've been a long time Mobil1 customer (5W-30, 7500 mile drain), but with the latest "improvements" and increased price, a change is in order. I drive a PT Cruiser 55 miles each way to work (appox. 3000 mi/month). 90%+ is at freeway speeds of 65-75 MPH (2800-3300 rpms). Would the Schaeffer's 7000 blend be a good choice for this application? My concerns are low/high temp perforamnce, oxidation, varnish/sludge, film strength, and it's ability to "hold-up" over the 7500 mile drain interval. Any comments/suggestions? Thanks! [HAIL 2 U!]
Scott, I had responded to this prior to changing over to this new board but suspect that it got lost in the mud on the old board. Larry is the only one to create the new tech data sheet as he is the head chemist and at this time he has been pretty much unavailable to answer many questions concerning the new oils perameters. So at this point, he indicated a couple of weeks he should have it done but I suspect it isn't his highest priority but none the less, myself and david both have requests in for the new tech data sheets and appologize for the inconviences. As soon as we have anything, We will make a point to bring it online asap. As for the group oil schaeffers is using, i will tell you that they are most likly using the same as the ci/sl rated oil given that they follow with the same base stock with all of their oils and the new CI/SL rated oil for the #151 mineral base is blended from the finest solvent refined severely hydro-finished high viscosity index 100% paraffin base oils. This should give you an idea what they are using in their other base stocks as well. The only other base stock is the blend where they are blending in the pao. hope that helps, bob
Scott, I tested Schaeffer 5w-30 7000 Blend in a toyota 3.0L V6 engine out to 9792 miles with a filter change at 5593. No problems, oxidation was low TBN retention good,stayed at 30w throughout test. Wear metals where low. I would install the 10w-30 blend and change it initially at 5000 miles or so then go to the 7500 mile interval. Not that it can't handle it but this will clean out some of the add clash. Auto-RX would be a good prepatory cleaning for the same reason. I have seen lower wear #'s with 7000 blend than M1 in the same engine same intervals. Since you can get it at 1/2to 3/4 the price why not. The base petroleum oil is a highly refined group 1 that is hydrotreated but not cracked. They count on the moly and penetro adds to compensate for the base oil and the PAO keeps the pumpability in a excellent range.
No question about it Raymond, Schaeffers oil does an excellent job of cleaning and staying clean. I have one client that said when he had to pull his valve covers off for a defective injector seal that using delo the oil would be pitch black and so was the head, making it difficult to detect which seal was bad. Now when he pulls the cover using schaeffers, he can go right to the defective seal as he can see the little black streak from the injector and the rest of the head is clean whereas he couldn't do that with the delo.
This is what myself (for 12 years) and all my friends are using it and having very good results. Just thought i would post the tech sheet on the Supreme 7000 (10W30) I think you ALL should take a good look at the Schaeffer's and ask others that are using it to post their thoughts. AND PLEASE don't take this as a sells pitch. (note that this tech sheet does not show that it's an SL but it is! Printed on each container. Supreme 7000 SAE 10W-30 is a premium quality multi-grade synthetic blend engine oil that is specially formulated to reduce friction and wear, increase engine efficiency and extend engine life in all types of gasoline engines. Supreme 7000 SAE 10W-30 is blended from the finest quality solvent refined, severely hydro-finished 100% paraffin base oils and polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids available. This unique combination provides Supreme 7000 SAE 10W-30 with the following advantages: 1. Superior Cold Weather Startability and Operating Characteristics. This results in less friction and lubricant drag in the engine and instant lubrication during cold weather start up. 2. Superior Oxidative Stability. Any oil as it is increasingly exposed to high temperature operation undergoes the process of oxidation. This results in the oils thickening and the buildup of acidic components. Because of the PAO’s and 100% paraffin base oil’s uniform molecular structure, the process of oxidation is greatly reduced. 3. Excellent Resistance to Thermal Degradation. 4. Lower Volatility. This results in reduced oil consumption. 5. Lower Pour Point and Borderline Pumping Temperature. 6. A High Viscosity Index. This results in minimum change in viscosity. The adequate viscosity for the proper lubrication of the engine is provided regardless of temperature. 7. Excellent Film Strength. This results in increased protection against wear. 8. Compatibility with All Types of Seals. 9. Extended Oil Drain Capability and Intervals. Blended into the 100% paraffin base stocks and polyalphaolefin base fluids is a highly specialized performance additive package and a highly shear stable viscosity index improver. This combination provides the Supreme 7000 SAE 10W-30 with the following performance benefits: 1. Outstanding protection against the formation of high temperature deposits. 2. Rapid circulation and excellent pumpability. 3. Excellent resistance to thinning at high temperatures. 4. Excellent shear stability in order to help the Supreme 7000 SAE 10W-30 to stay in grade over the oil drain’s interval. 5. Substantially reduced oil consumption. 6. Excellent high temperature/high shear performance to provide excellent oil film thickness and engine protection at high operating temperatures and shear rates, while minimizing lubricant frictional resistance. 7. High detergency to suppress deposits and contaminants. 8. A substantial reduction in ring and cylinder wear. 9. Reduced bearing wear and increased bearing life. 10. Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties. 11. Increased engine cleanliness. 12. Increased fuel economy benefits. 13. Superior valve train-wear protection. 14. Increased engine life. 15. Excellent anti-foaming properties. Further blended into these 100% paraffin base oils and polyalphaolefin base fluids, the highly specialized performance additive package and shear stability viscosity index improver is a proven frictional modifier, Micron Moly®, a liquid soluble type of moly that plates to the metal surfaces of the engine. Once plated, the moly forms a long lasting lubricant film, which prevents the metal surfaces from coming into contact with each other. By preventing metal-to-metal contact, damaging frictional wear is eliminated, thus leading to less downtime and longer engine life. Supreme 7000 SAE 10W-30 meets and exceeds the following specifications and manufacturers’ requirements: MIL-46152E, CID A-A-52039B, API Service Classification SJ, Energy Conserving, ILSAC GF-1 & GF-2, Ford M2C153-G, General Motors 6094M and 4718M, ACEA A1-98, A2-96 Issue 2, A3-96; Daimler Chrysler 229.1, 229.3, MS6395F; JASO M328-95, M331-84, M336-93, Volkswagen 500.00, 501.01, 502.00
Question about Schaeffer' Oil. HAs anyone analyzed piston rings and piston crowns to determine if the Organomolybdenum causes carbonization in the ringpack?
Hello from Sunny Tokyo Japan, MoleKule, Our tests did not show any residual deposits from MoS2 and we paid particular attention to that in the Honda and Toyota tests.Our tests are ongoing and would have been for a period of up to 6 months or the equivalent of 10,000 miles in scope. In the past I had been resistant to MoS2 usage for ring lands and top of piston deposit questions. Judging by the renewed acceptance of major oil formulators to use the lubricant at varying levels they may have found the same results in a properly formulated oil. It is surprising how many high end oils are using it at 120 ppm or less to kill heat and stress the oil less.
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