Schaeffer's Supreme 7000 10W-30 OK For Winter?

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May 27, 2002
I recently bought a case of Schaeffer's Supreme 7000 10W-30 (the store was out of 5W-30). The temperature here in Wisconsin isn't quite as cold as our Canadian friends see; -20/-25°F is about it. Will 10W-30 be acceptable for this application, or should I change to 5W-30 before it starts getting cold? The car is always "garaged"; it was 12°F this morning and it started as though it were 70°F outside. Thanks in advance! [HAIL 2 U!]
Scott you are safe in Wisconsin to use the 10w-30 Blend. Enjoy. Here are some values from tests run on the SJ formula tested by an independent lab in 2001. Start vis is near 3100 cP 3500 max @-4 F Pumping VIs is 29514 cP 60,000 max @-22 F The SL formula is probably even better.
I believe the borderline pumping temperature of this oil is around -30F so you should be totally safe. I'm running this exact oil all year round up here from now on. We rarely get below 0F anyways. My owner's manual (95 LT1 Firebird) states I can use 10w30 above 0F as well, and that's taking into account dino oil, so this blend will work out perfectly because of it's far superior cold weather performance over 10w30 dino oil.
My Schaeffers lost it's "green-ness" almost right away too. Also, when I put in the Royal Purple in my wife's car this weekend, I started the engine and ran it for 30sec, then immediately checked the oil, and it was not purple anymore. As far as the engine wear occuring at startup, this is true, however the moly and penetro in Schaeffer oil will help lower wear during this time, since they coat the parts with a thin layer of protection. So you're never really doing a dry start ever.
You guys are color blind,,Schaeffers oil is blue! [freaknout] It is now clear as water after running it awhile though in one car, the other has not had the hood reopened,, I might should do that occasionaly huh ? [Wink] [stretch]
Ah Dragboat, did you happen to see any Pink Elephants around when you saw the "blue" oil? If so, I have some friends who would like to help you (they have a really neat jacket for you, the sleeves even tie in the back).... [Cheers!] Bottom Line, with the specs/certifications that Schaeffer's Supreme 7000 Blend has, I wouldn't care if it were blaze orange.....
That oil is a great performer and I bought the 10/30 blend but next order I beleive I will buy the 15/40 for all year use in those two cars I am using it in seeing it can be considered a API 10wt on the lower end pumpability. Those two cars FWIW are a low mile 4.6 Grand Marquis and a Mazda Miata that should have a Greddy Turbo kit on it by next spring,,bought the kit over a year ago for myself when it was my Wifes little weekend car,,now it is owned by "paddle boat",my Son [Smile]
Originally posted by David: dragboat, It's green buddy [Roll Eyes]
Thats what they tell me [Smile] Now I gonna finish my green bottle of Dr Pepper,take two aspirins and [Phone] the doctor in the morning [Wink]
The Schaeffer's #703 has started very well since we had a cold front move through. Not -20 below, but was 18 F and the Burb using the Schaeffer's started as if it were 65 F. Just for the record, the Schaeffer's dye is a "blue-green" dye with slightly more green than blue. I sent a 3.2k oil sample to Terry this morning.
Thanks Guys! I assumed that would be the case, but you know what happens when you assume… After all the great reviews and analysis I've read, I had to give Schaeffer's a try. I only have about a thousand miles on it so far, but it seems to be working well (with no consumption, unlike Mobil 1). As Terry had advised last summer, I’m going to run the first batch 5000 miles (about another month), change it out, and run 7500 mile changes thereafter. I'll also be putting it in our 2002 Caravan this weekend, which unlike my car sees almost exclusively city driving (although, the way my wife drives, it might just as well be the freeway). BTW, I know this question has been asked and answered before, but why is Schaeffer's green? I had to look at the label to be sure I hadn't grabbed antifreeze by mistake.... [LOL!] Have a Great Thanksgiving and Thanks again!
I was told it is "green" so when it is analyzed they can tell that it is for sure Shaeffer's. After its in there for a short while the color-at least for me is not green anymore.
Just so you feel at ease, this morning it was 20F outside here, and my car is not garaged, and it started up no problem at all with this oil in there.
20°F, that's swimsuit weather here (of course that could be due to all that anitfreeze (beer) we drink here).... [Cheers!] We had 8°F here this morning, my car sat out last night (poor baby), and started without any "sluggishness" whatsoever this morning. BTW, I left a bottle of Schaeffer's 7000 10W-30, a bottle of M1 10W-30, and a bottle of Pennzoil 10W-30 dino sitting out overnight as well. The Schaeffer's and M1 showed no signs of "thickening", the Pennzoil however, was significantly more viscous than it was at room temp (sorry Johnny ;^} ). Just my 2¢ worth....
Scott, those tests are always nice to do, it definitely shows you which oils will flow well in the cold! I'm going to try that test again myself this winter, but I'll wait until a night when it's below 0F. Hopefully we don't get too many of those this year though! [Smile]
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