Schaeffer's pure synthetics

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May 11, 2004
Hey All,

Been looking at different Schaeffer's oils, got interested in their #256 straight 30, with 11.7@100 and 83.6@40 it seems like a fine oil to run in a car in the summer. It has -45 pour point and a nice 465 flash point and 5 HT/HS, anyone have tried it? or any of the straight full synths from Schaeffers?
The availability is listed as 30 or 55 gallon drums, which would rule it out for me. Even with 7 or so vehicles in the fleet that is too much oil for me

Interesting specs. The "straight 30 weight shows better cold pumping numbers than do many 10W-30 dino multiweight oils.

yikes, that is a lot of oil at once
who buys that much at a time, honestly.... well thats too much for me too....

it definitely sounds like a great oil, would love to try it out....
5 gals aint bad at all, and i heard the schaeffer's 5 gal pails are easy to handle so you can easily measure out how much you need for each change. This sure looks like a nice oil....
It's my understanding that most synthetic 10W30's are straight weight oils that act like a multi grade oil as part of it's nature.

I wonder if group III oils use a lot of polymers to make them multi grade?
Is this oil SL rated? how much is a 5 Gal drum?
sounds like the oil for my needs. High speed summer driving with a small 4-cyl Turbo engine.
I see no reason to use the straight 30 wt. -Really what's the point? The 5W-30 Moly Pure is great stuff. I have used it. But honestly the Schaeffer's 5W-30 or 10W-30 are good for extended drain intervals and will perform probably as well as the Pure Syn (I have used both-and I'm sticking with the blend)
If it's built like their other oils it might be a world beater all year round. It looks like a stay in grade 10w30 that could go lots of miles especially with some LC. It should never thin and probably only thicken slightly over the long haul. Can't tell from the msds about detergents but it has plenty of ZDDP and moly and probably penetro.
yup, i love the high ht/hs number on it, it looks like it will never shear. thats what mostly caught my eye about it, and the fact that it is a full synthetic :)
Good Morning,
Which Schaeffers Oil Do You Recommend For a Honda Vtech ? Honda Calls For 5w20.I Want The Full Synthetic. Thank You, Jack.
They have a 5W-30 pure synthetic, i dont think they have anything in the 20wt, but the 5W-30 may be good for ya.

Originally posted by Al:
I see no reason to use the straight 30 wt. -Really what's the point?

Well, the straight 30 and 5w30 cost the same. They have the same Flash points, but look at the HT/HS and NOAK:
30: HT/HS=5, NOAK=1.5%
5w30: HT/HS=3.8, NOAK=9%

It also has a vis index that rivals many dino 10w30 oils so I know it can handle the TX winter just fine.

If ever I was to mail-order oil, a couple of 5 gallon jugs of this (and the 40 wt) would be sitting in my garage.
Looking at the specs again the MRV Borderline Pumping Tem. and pour point make this oil look close a 5w at cold temps. Those #s mirror Schaeffers #701 5w 30. Salesrep, How much is this stuff and is the #156 full synth 5w30 also available in 5 gallon jugs?

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Iagree that the 30wt is a good oil for summer or year around in Fla. I am warming up to the idea that mixing to improve a already good base is a great idea. Looking at what that M1 RL mix did
something like the 5/30 and SW30 would do well I would expect.
I wish they had this stuff available in 1 qt bottles, I'd love to try it for one interval, but not sure about committing to a few changes

Anyone know how much this oil costs for 5 gals?
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