Schaeffers Products List/Info/Dealers (Rearend Differential Synthetic Fluid)

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
With this silly corporate takeover long doen where do i go to look up no nose product information on Schaeffers products/MSDS/dealers etc.

I haev never run the product but as the date for rear end synthetic GL5 service nears on my Camaro it would be nice to experiment with it.

I told the service center last year to use Royal Purple Synthetic 75W90 last year and since they could not find it they unlaterally decided to use Castrol SYNTEC in it.

As you know from the Posts I despise Castrol for thier deceptive marketing and pricing.

My rear end choices are Redline, Royal Purple and Schaeffers

LOL i hate making difficult decisions.

Do I still need to add the GM Limited Slip additive to these products since they all say thier "limited slip" safe?
For info on ordering you can still contact Bob at [email protected]

I believe his main page still has all the Schaeffer info on there too.

Moving this to rear end section for your other question.

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