Schaeffers Oil

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May 27, 2002
London, AR
I was just on the new Schaeffers website and it is really nice. Take a few moments and see what they have. Also if you do buy from a local rep, mention BITOG. Schaeffers is a Corporate Sponsor on BITOG. But if you don't mention the Site, they have no way of knowing it is working for them. Also go to the Rep. Directory and type in your zip code and see where they are located.

Very nice upgrade! I havn't been to Schaeffer's website in awhile. They did a nice job.
As 59 vetteman has stated go to the dealer locater for retailers near you.
Also you can click on the contact section and type in info you are requesting and they will forward your info to the nearest rep that you can order from (my idea

Thanks to all that have purchased thru me.

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Pretty cool. Their spec sheets basically tells you what your buying. Does any other companies publish the percentages of the components in their oils?
Really well laid out web page. One would not expect a company that is not a household name would make so many excellent products. Got to bookmark this one!
Well, my nearest outlet/dealer is 208 miles away in Farmington, NY. Looks like when I get around to a purchase will be through our site sponsor.

(my idea

Ah ..snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory!!! I know it well.
What is the smallest order thru Salesrep?

I found a dealer 63 miles away. Maybe I'll give them a call and see if they have smaller orders.
My closest Schaeffers Dealer in Arkansas is 67 miles away in Little Rock. A Bitog member was going to order from him and lives very close to Little Rock, so I ordered with him. That way we split a $250 order and it was no problem. We got FREE shipping and were able to split cases of product. It was shipped to his house, and the next time he was up here on business he dropped off my order to me.

I called to order some 10w30 7000 last night and I was quoted a hair under $12 per gallon. I buy it in 5 gallon buckets. I'm guessing the 5w30 is around the same price. The buckets are a little cheaper than quart bottles and I like the buckets to use when they are empty.
Thanks denny2w!

That seems very reasonable but I'm sure shipping will eat up quite a chunk.

I doubt there will be any distributors in my area...I'm in the sticks.
If you make a $250 order, which I always do the shipping is free. An 18 wheeler will drop it off on your porch. I ordered some auto transmission fluid, grease, etc. The price is actually less then Autozone, and I'm set for a couple of years.
I also do the $250 orders for free shipping. In 2005 prices the 5W-30, 10W-30 & 15W-40 came out to $2.72 per qt. **** hard to beat for what you get.
"I also do the $250 orders for free shipping. In 2005 prices the 5W-30, 10W-30 & 15W-40 came out to $2.72 per qt. **** hard to beat for what you get."
How was your order packaged? Quarts,gallons or buckets?
There seems to be a lot of confusion as of late and the purchasing of Schaeffers. Many of you have been inquiring about individual bottles or tubes or just a case or two. For the present I can no longer ship any of those orders.

Any orders that are under $250 please attempt to find a retailer near you. If there are none, try to find a rep near you.

Brianfix had success this way

call 1-800-325-9962,,ask for retail sales,will sell what you want,,worked for me.......BL

If you are going to purchase 250 or more, any member can contact me and I will make sure you get the products and answers you need.
Where can I get a 12qt. case of the #267 Supreme Gear Lube in 80w-90 wt? What would the cost be?
I hear the coal companys love this lube.
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