Schaeffers oil

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Jun 6, 2003
Petersburg, West Virginia
My 5.7 liter silverado is now on 130,000 miles. The last couple of thousand miles I have been using Motorcraft 10w-40 UOA -yet to be done. When I changed to the heavier weight oil the assumption was it would help prevent wear-but after reading some of Bob's studies that is very debatable. After the motorcraft change I would like to go to Schaeffers oil. Patman has a good point that the pushrod GM v-8's like a heavier vis. 30 weight oil. Which Schaeffer oil would work best? I would want to go with one that would have a nice pour point as it does go below zero in West Virginia in winter. I am interested in Schaeffers because of the nice additive package and the ability to hold viscosity. Seems like other oils
have the thining issue except for the cream synthetics like Mobil, amsoil,and Redline. I want this truck to reach 200,000 and beyond and to help that Schaeffers seems to be a good choice. Any help would be appreciated. This board is very interesting- with a bunch of knowledgeable souls.
I'd use Schaeffer's #701 5W-30 synthetic blend oil in your winters and #703 10W-30 synthetic blend in the spring, summer, and fall.

Also give serious consideration to Schaeffer's #267 80W-90 synthetic blend gear oil for your differential and #204S ATF if you have an automatic. If you haven't regularly flushed and renewed your ATF, run Auto-Rx in your transmission for 1500 miles, pull the pan and renew the filter, then do a complete ATF flush.


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Schaeffer's sounds like a good oil to use for your truck. I recently switched all my cars and my parents over to the #703 10W-30 PAO Blend and I really like it soo far. I've performed 2 UOA's with it and both have been pretty good. My 2000 Wrangler recently got it's first fill of it and it seems the engine is running a bit smoother than with the M1 10W-30. Overall for it's cheap price when bought in bulk it's one of the best bang for your buck.
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