Schaeffer's Motor Oil / Better,Good or o.k?

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Feb 7, 2003
I was talking to a mechanic about motor oil, and he highly recommended Schaeffer's motor oil. I have a '92 Ford F-150 4x4 302cu. 5.0 engine with about 83,0000 miles on it. I guess Schaeffer's Supreme 7000 motor oil is synthetic-blend motor oil. He also recommended that I use SAE15W-40 weight motor oil. Reasoning was that 5W-30 or the 10W-30 is regulated by the goverment about how much additives goes into the motor oil and after 1994 it was required for warranty puposes. I guess the SAE15W-40 weight has more additives in it. Is this safe? Should I use the 15W-40 or stick with the 10W-30 weight motor oil? Have any of you guys used this particular brand of motor oil and what do you guys think of the product. I'm really concerned about putting straight synthetic motor oil in it, because of the 83,000 miles and all of the negative opinions I've been getting if I do use a straight synthectic motor oil. I'm currently using Valvoline 10W-30 Max-Life motor oil. Do these high-mileage motor oil benefit better than a synthetic or a synthetic-blend motor oil? Is Schaeffer's motor oil as good as Amsoil, Mobil 1 or any of the best motor oil out there?
Schaeffer's is right up there with the best of them. Schaeffer's 15w40 in a VW I wouldn't be afraid to run a 15w40, but considering this winter I would run the #700 blend.If it were mine I'd would run a Neutra or Auto rx purge and run the #703 10w30 blend,I'm currently running #306 10w30 petro in a 83 s-10.I'm hoping to get an analysis back soon on a 2001 Taurus running the #703
I'm running the Supreme 7000 10w30 in my car, but this spring I'm going to mix it 50/50 with 15w40 in order to get a slightly thicker viscosity. The 15w40 does have more additives in it, and it's TBN is higher (10 compared to 7 according to Schaeffer's TDS) This oil performs extremely well, just as well as many full synthetics, if not better. Just look at some of the used oil analysis reports on this board and you'll see.
nhp1, Your mechanic is right about his facts, but I don't completely agree with his conclusion. Yes, the additive level is controlled to limit certain things, particularly phosphorus, from damaging the catalytic converter, but the oil still works very well. Any good 10W-30 will keep your engine running for a couple of hundred thousand miles or more. The dual-rated diesel/gasoline engine oils, which are the 15W-40 viscosity, do have a more robust additive package. They will take very good care of your engine and it will likely run longer. They also have a more robust detergency, so your engine will remain clean. Running 15W-40 in hot weather is a good idea, but 10W-30 is good, also. Schaeffer's has particularly good cold weather operation, so if you'd run a 10W-oil, this particular 15W-40 will work well. Schaeffer's is a very good oil. You will be able to run it more miles than most brands of oil before it degrades. It probably gives the same engine protection as Amsoil or Mobil 1, and at lower cost. Ken
I run the Schaeffer Supreme 7000 10w30 in my car, has a little over 9000 miles on this fill. For the rest of the winter up there, the 10w30 might be a better choice for cold starts- but not by much. The 15w40 should be a bulletproof oil for warmer weather in your 302.
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