Schaeffer's is like GC !!

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Nov 28, 2002
Triad, NC
Now I knew that topic subject would get your attention

I changed oil in our Mark VIII today and replaced the Citgo 5W-30 with ARX that was in there for 2,700 miles with a batch of Schaeffer's that I had in the basement for the rinse cycle.

So I open the Schaeffer's bottles (I had never used that stuff before) and started pouring it in the engine.

WOW, what a surprise!!

That stuff is as green as GC, maybe even greener AND !!! it smells just like the GC I have.

Some people here call it like "Gummi Bears", but I don't smell gummi bears out of that distinctive smell and I grew up in Germany.

The smell of the Schaeffer's is however distinctively different than all the other oils I have used AND is identical to the GC I have. I opened a GC bottle and a Schaeffers and held them in each hand doing a smell test. They are the same.
I use to to work in a Haribo fcatory in Bonn, Germany when I was a student at uni-Bonn...

I guess I'm sort of immune to the smell, my GC didn't smell very much like Gummi bears to me.:)
You're not alone, I've never felt that the smell of GC was like gummibears. But then again I've also never purposely smelled a gummibear either!
I have kids, so I've smelled gummi bears
I have GC, so I've smelled the nectar of the oils
They DON'T smell even remotely similar to my nose
Which one would I use in my engine....
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