Schaeffers Blend or Mobil 1

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Oct 20, 2002
Suburban St. Louis
The Schaeffer's is about the same cost as Mobil 1 after shipping costs so it is a difficult decision. (From Mystic, in another Topic)
Exactly my dilemma. I've ordered my Schaeffers from Tim Mills. It worked great. A phone call, and blam, in a few days my oil is here. I like supporting the site supporters. For the same money, am I better to go with the Mobil 1 ? Is Mobil 1 better than any blend ? What's your opinion ?
This is a difficult question to answer. I think both are good. I tried Schaeffer's blend and it was just remarkable how smooth the engine seemed to run. I know that is subjective but that is how it felt and sounded like to me. By the time the Schaeffer's arrives however (unless you can somehow get it locally) it costs about the same as going to Wal-Mart and getting Mobil 1. I just now changed my oil using Mobil 1 5W-30 and I think Mobil 1 has become much better. The very first time I tried Mobil 1 it seemed to thin in my engine. Even if a person wants to use a conventional oil Mobil 1 is still good if you live where it gets cold. Common sense will tell you that an oil that will flow well in the cold will prevent wear. But I have heard that Schaeffer's blend will flow very well in the cold also. They may be about equal. Frankly, it would not surprise me if Schaeffer's is a little better.
I picked Schaeffer's over M1 a while back due to all of the great UOA's when using Schaeffer's oil. Schaeffer's has a great additive package that works great in moderate oil drain intervals. If you are going to drain under 7000 miles Schaeffer all the way. BTW If you order a $250 order of Schaeffer oil you get free shipping which comes out to $2.72 per quart of oil delivered to your front door step! [Big Grin]
I have two Hondas (a 2002 CRV-EX and a 2003 Accord LX Coupe)that both have the 2.4L VTech engine calling for 5W-20. I have been using the Schaeffers 7000 Supreme 5W-30 in both but I am in the process of using AutoRX and dino to clean my engines. I need to buy some more oil and have been debating on changing to Mobil 0W-20 after seeing some really good UOA on Hondas. I hate to buy $250 worth of Schaeffers (that is about 4 yrs worth assuming 7,500 OCI) and if I buy less than 8 cases it comes out to about the same cost as the Mobil 1. I guess I will wait and see what my UOA is with the Schaeffers before I make a decision. I plan to get Terry to interpret my results and hope he will recommend an oil for my applications. However, I would be interested in other opinions as well. The Accord does 4 short trips (less than 5 miles) each work day but the CRV has a 20 mile commute and is mostly highway miles. Living in Nashville we have 2-3 months of cold weather each year with mornings in the 20-35 degree range.
Outlaw, I'd run the Mobil 1, 0w-20 in the Accord due to the short trip driving conditions, which will give you a small fuel savings and better engine response during the warmup phase. In the CRV, I'd run the Mobil 1, 10w-30, which is their best formulation for high temp use. The 0w-20 has a HT/HS of 2.6 Cp, compared to 3.3 Cp for the 10w-30, so the 10w-30 is about 20% thicker. The HT/HS viscosity is directly related fuel efficiency ....For example, the Series 3000, 5w-30 has a HT/HS of approx 3.5 Cp, compared to 4.2 Cp for the Amsoil 15w-40. That's good for a fuel savings of approx 3% under steady state conditions....You'll see a comparable fuel savings; using the 0w-20 instead of the 10w-30. Tooslick Dixie Synthetics
TooSlick - I appreciate your opinion regarding my situation but I think I will still wait and see how my UOA comes out on the Schaeffers after 5,000 miles of short trips during cold weather before making up my mind. I am also very interested in getting Terry Dyson's recommendation after he interprets my UOA results for me. I know that expert opinions are far more valuable than my own newbie opinion.
OutlawTitan, I just ran a 6500 mile interval on my wife's Camry with Schaeffer's oil 7000 series 10W-30. I know it is a different animal than what you drive but I could not ask for a better UOA. I ran Mobil 1 for years. Schaeffer's is about a buck a quart cheaper and in moderate drain intervals I think it is a great deal. Just my 2 cents adjusted for inflation! GregH
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