Schaeffers analysis services?

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May 4, 2005
Many have posted Schaeffers analyses here, and the going price seems to have been $10. A good deal. I contacted the Schaeffer's rep here, though, and he told me $15. At that level I'd be inclined to spend the extra for a more complete analysis elsewhere. Anybody have the lowdown on the basic $10 Schaeffers analysis and how I can get some done? Thanks in advance, - Glenn
No, I don't. If that's your price range go see a Caterpillar dealer. Their basic SOS analysis (no TBN) is $10-12. TBN is another ~$5.
Schaeffer's has 3 three different programs to choose from. One in house. Two out of house. They must be obtained from a rep. and generally sold or given to customers. They are packaged in kits of 6. I do have promos for 3 free UOA's with a $500 dollar order and 6 free for a $1000 order.
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