schaeffers 7000 vs. oil + 132 additive

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Dec 14, 2002
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My 98 S10 ZR2 sits for a while (say 6 days) between drives. It then goes on a long drive, where the oil gets up to temperature.
Money isnt really an issue, as I only need to change my oil about twice a year, so I dont mind payinga few more dollars for oil.
I use ac delco ultraguard gold filters, and currently a 50/50 mix of castrol gtx with GC, with some 132 added in.

I like the 132 because of its moly and anticorrosion additives.

So, Id like to know if there is much of a benefit of using schaeffers 7000 5w-30 with these additives in it by design, as compared to a good oil (Im thinking of changing to M1 next oil change) with a dose of 132 in it? Granted I dont add too much 132, as it is quite thick, but the additives are there. I am woried about additive clash from the oil being in there for so long, etc.

I feel that schaeffers is a great product, and would be willing to mail order it, but only if it is going to provide superior protection in terms of anticorrosion and barrier protection for cold startups, as compared to an OTC synth like m1 or GC, mixed with some of the 132.

Any info/comments would be great!

I can't help you as I ahve a similar issue, I use the #132 as well with some LC and have gotten better wear analysis results so far with it. However, I can't seem to bring myself to switch to the Schaeffers oil in total and just use some LC with it. The shipping is a hassle and makes the cost very similar to off the shelf synthetics.
I'm not a chemist or tribologist by any strtch, but I think what Schaffers offers in the 7000 is a BALANCED product. It really doesn't seem to need anything else because of this.

I currently use the Schaffers and add LC, but that is primarily for cleaning and anti-oxidation. The #132 also has antimony in it. I'm not sure if 7000 has that as part of it's add package or not.
7000 blend does have the antimony (Sb) in the formula.

There has been a question about the moly levels possibly being lowered in the newer production runs, I have not seen that yet. We are watching you Mr. Ludwig !

There is no reason to add the #132 to the fully formulated 7000 blend.

What the oil requires, if you do extended drains and depending on the application is volatility stability and the LC really unloads the oil to function well for a long time. Drains in a gas engine over 6000 to 8000 + miles. I have used 7000 blend for 12,000 to 15,000 in honda engines with really excellent results using auto-rx and lc treatments but seperately.

In diesel engines the 15w-40 performs as well or BETTER than synthetic oils that cost significantly more. With LC the duration of drain capability is longer than most my customers feel comfortable with.
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