Schaeffer's 7000 or Micron Moly?

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Dec 27, 2003
Oshkosh, WI
Hey all, 1st post here. I was referred to this site by some members at, and in lurking the forums, I've seen some familiar names from the Grand Prix club and some of the Jeep pwners that post on Anyways, my buddy who runs a speed shop recently started putting the bug in my ear to try Schaeffer's oil. I've been a loyal Amsoil user, but I'm always up to trying something new. I didn't see a whole lot of remarks about the #306 Micron Moly oil that Schaeffer's carries, and I was very interested in it to use in my '97 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (N/A 3800 V6). What's the general opinion of this oil? I already see nothing but praise for the Supreme 7000, so no need to really discuss that one any farther here. Very informative site. I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay here. -Mike Watkins ClubGP member #12823 WICGP member #008 [ December 28, 2003, 05:06 PM: Message edited by: rugerman1 ]
Just What type of application [I dont know] are you going to put this oil under? What Type of UOA #'s have you had with your current oil? Oils are designed for a type of application... figure your SPECs and shoot for an oil Designed for them! JMHO!
I'm primarily going to use this car for daily driving that might occaisionally see some "spirited" driving and possibly a time or two to the track. I've never done an analysis on my oil. Just curious if there was anything to be gained form the moly additive package in the Schaeffers Micron Moly.
[Welcome!] Mike, First of all welcome to the site. The #306 is a good 10W30 dino oil, not semi-syn like the #703. Both have a good additive package and the moly additive is super in this oil. Personally I like the #703 with its 16-20% PAO and the price difference is so small. Either is worth a try. The following is a link to a virgin oil analysis on the #703:;f=11;t=000003
Mike, The synthetic blend is the best for the money. The #306 non-synthetic is mainly aimed at folks who are afraid of synthetics, or who have very high mileage engines that burn oil...use the cheaper stuff...or have high mileage engines with lots of crud--the synthetic will have high consumption until that engine is cleaned up. I'm recommending #306 to an airport shuttle van company who's vans have 300,000-400,000 miles on the Ford gasoline engines (I know, the Aerostar and E350 vans were never made to run that long...the mechanic and I chuckle about that--these vans make several 100 mile runs daily). For your use, give the #703 a try. Unless you're stretching your Amsoil to the limit via oil analysis, you'll be pleasantly surprised with Schaeffers. #306 is the best non-synthetic oil you can find. #703 is the best oil for the money you can find. Ken [ December 29, 2003, 12:30 AM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
Thanks for the replies so far...I'm curious though...Does the #306 have more moly in it than the #703? Would there be any benefit to running the #306 for 3000 miles to get the moly plated to the engine's surfaces, and then switch to the #703, or am I totally wrong in thinking this?
Originally posted by GT Mike: Thanks for the replies so far...I'm curious though...Does the #306 have more moly in it than the #703? Would there be any benefit to running the #306 for 3000 miles to get the moly plated to the engine's surfaces, and then switch to the #703, or am I totally wrong in thinking this?
From what Bob used to tell us, the 306 and the 703 have exactly the same levels in their additive packages, it's only the base oil which is different between the two. So you'll get the same amount of moly with either one.
Yes Patman, and the difference in price is only $0.25 per quart so there is not a lot of money to be saved going with the Micron Moly instead of the S7K. Ken2 might be on to something. Micron Moly may be primarily for old-timers who are skeptical of the word "synthetic." I would just go with the Supreme 7000 in either 5W30 or 10W30 for a GM V6 unless it has well over 100,000 miles on it. I'm using those in my '03 Sentra Spec-V. [Smile] --- Bror Jace
I've been using the Schaeffer's 7000 5w30 in my 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.1 for well over a year now and although I haven't had any analyzed I still have been well pleased with the product. I've used the 7000 10w30 in a 1992 GMC Sonoma 4.3 and didn't have any problems with it even though I switched to Chevron Supreme 10w30 until I could go buy some more Schaeffer's about 45 miles away.
Schaeffer's #100 5W-30 and #306 10W-30 non-synthetic motor oils have been discontinued, although there might be some stock left in the warehouses. #151 15W-40 CI-4 and #107 30 & 40 wt. CF & CF-2 oils are continued. I think #110 30, 40, & 50 wt. racing oils and #191 20W-50 racing oil is also continued. All the Supreme 7000 parasynthetic oils are continued. Look for GF-4 & API-SM mid-year, as well as Dexron® III-H ATF, also mid-year. I haven't yet heard when the new version of diesel engine oil is due (CJ-4?), but I know it's being developed. Ken [ December 29, 2003, 06:54 PM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
Mike Welcome to BITOG. Try doing a search in the UOA section for a series of test Bob was running on his Escort. He switched from the Schaeffer's Synblends to Schaeffer's Dino and got better wear results. I think he pushed the Schaeffer's Synblends a lot harder than the straight Schaeffer's dino. We'll let him defend that when he returns. Let us know what you think after a few rounds of Schaeffer's. I think you'll be surprised at how well it performs.
Well, I went and changed oil on the beast tonight...Ran some #703 with a Baldwin B-43S filter. I was intrigued at its funky greenish-bluish color. [Eek!] [Cool] I was also given a container for a UOA which I plan on doing in 3000 miles. I'll be sure to post my results. So far the engine seems a bit quieter than the Amsoil series 2000 (10W30 too) that I was running before, especially at idle. [I dont know] Thanks for the advice, guys.
Mike, I would not get to caught up in Shaeffers Moly additive . they use such a few ppm of Moly that it is really just a marketing tool anyway. They used to have a lot more moly in their formulations but cut back on it as to much moly can actually cause you problems in engine oils. So they cut it back to a level where they can say it is still there to save face ,but it is really not doing anything at such low levels. They do have quality products however and would be a good choice for just about anyone. [Patriot]
One other thing. Mobil uses less than that amount of Moly-and Mobil 1 isn't gonna put something in there that they haven't tested and proved a benefit. I am certainly not trumpeting Mobil (and as a matter of fact I'm drifting away from it) But Mobil is not in the business of adding something ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) unless there is a reason. Also the type of Moly that Schaeffer's is not the type that will cause problems. Just an opinion though.
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