Schaeffer's 7000 15w-40--9703 mi (1 year)--99 Saturn SL DOHC

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Mar 19, 2003
Miles on Unit:  117,133
Miles on Oil:      9,703

Cu:   25
Fe:   87
Cr:    1
Al:    8
Pb:    3
Si:    5
Mo:  165
P:  1294
Zn: 1732
Mg:   15
Ca: 3816

A/F:  .0
Fuel:  N
H2O:  .3
Visc: 15.71
SAE:  40
Sulfur: 38
Oxidation: 46
Nitration: 47

Well, I didn't drain it hot, just warm. [Duh!] This is my wife's car which is driven 3 miles/day roundtrip (1.5x2). Highway once a week for about 20 miles. The EGR system went on the blink in January, and I cleaned out the valve assy(Plastic) which was coked with carbon. I will back off and go 6 month changes for now. Here is last year's analysis. Wear had basically doubled in 3000 miles. By the way, how's that K&N air filter? LOL...Countless sand storms and no additional Si. Fire away folks! [Patriot] [ June 21, 2006, 01:41 PM: Message edited by: uconn1150 ]
May 27, 2002
Far North East Texas
I am *not* an expert- don't even play one on TV. [Big Grin] Having said that: Iron looks *awfully* high, even for 9000 miles. For a daily 3-mile round trip, even here in hot Texas, I think that engine would be better served with Schaeffer's blend 5w30(or any other good 5w30). And yes, for a 3-mile commute I'd defintely prefer 5w30 to 10w30. Heck, I might even try 5w20! Overall, I'd say that the BobZoil 15w40, excellent though it is, has proven to be too thick for that engine in those circumstances. So, if it was mine: I'd switch to BobZoil 5w30, change it after 6 months, & do another oil analysis. JMO [Cheers!]
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