Schaeffer's 10W-30 Supreme..

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Jun 8, 2002
Elizabethtown, Pa
Well after a lot of thought on which oil to put in after my second changeout of the 5W-30 Schaeffer's Moly Pure Syn. [I dont know] I decided to go with Schaeffer's 10W-30 Supreme. I was really tempted with the Castrol but thought that this switch to the Schaeffer's would benefit folks on this bord with regards to comparative analysis information. This vehicle has 35K miles on it now and my previous changes (which I have samples for-posted on this board) are Mobil 1 10W-30 TriSyn (5500 miles), Schaeffer's Pure Syn (6700 miles and the last batch which will be sending in is the Schaeffer's Pure Syn (6000 miles) The reason I changed at 6K miles is that it will be a good test to compare with the Schaeffer's Supreme at 6K miles which will be my limit. I think there will be good information bc I have used the K&N oversize filter HP-1010 on all 4 samples. I know-more information than anyone wants to know [Roll Eyes] - but that what we do here. [Big Grin] I ll be waiting at the mailbox in the future [Big Grin]
Why not the 5w30 Supreme? It would've been a more direct comparison, having two identical viscosity oils, but with one having the higher percentage of PAO in it than the other.
Hey Al, is this going in the Sentra? At my next change, I'm going with the 10W-30 Supreme too for my Maxima. Lots of good UOAs for this plus its cheaper than the RedLine that I was going to go with. I'm going to show my ignorance, what is the Pure Syn? If its Schaeffer's, I can't find mention of it on their site. BTW, which one has more PAO? [ September 14, 2003, 05:53 PM: Message edited by: shortyb ]
Patman-you are probably right. I origionally bought it for another vehicle(s). I sort of decided at the last minute to dump it in the Sentra. So you are correct in your thinking sir [Smile] . shortyb The 5W-30 Supreme has more PAO. Here is the Moly Pure Syn
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