SChaeffer Supreme 10w/30

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May 8, 2003
Rome, Ga
This question is aimed I guess at BOBITOG but I think many of you are well informed so please feel free to respond.
Am currently using M1 10w-30 in my Ranger and Camry, 2002 2.4 liter. I am using 5000 mile oil changes and need to know if the above oil will handle the same interval.

Just ordered a case of 7000 15w-40 so thought I might just go with one manufacturer if possible.
Thanks in advance
Greg harrison
Schaeffer Supreme can easily handle 5k intervals, we have quite a few UOAs on here that are at this mileage or higher and the oil is still in great shape. I ran 10w30 Schaeffer Supreme to a 5000 mile interval myself too, and it definitely could've gone further.

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Thanks for the reply Patman,
We seem to be sort of programmed that if it isn't group 4 or better base oils that it is inferior quality. I learn something every day .
Greg Harrison
Do a search on the UOA board for my 6000 & 9300 mile analyses on BobZoil(Schaeffer Supreme 7000 10w30 SL). Easiest- search member #2 for the full distance on UOA only. Schaeffer's good stuff, I bet it'll do well in your vehicle.

BTW, I now have ~14,300 miles on my present fill of BobZoil & Lube Control. I plan to drain & analyze at ~15K, & will post the results on BITOG's UOA board. Should be ~5 weeks.
I just changed from 5W-30 Schaeffer's Moly Pure Syn to the Supreme 10W-30. I plan on going 6K miles and compare to the 6K of the Moly Pure. I have a previous report for Moly Pure and one of TriSyn- all for the same vehicle. I plan on going 2 changes with the Supreme 10W-30. Based on what this oil does-I may move more toward the blend. And for me that's quite a statement.
Thanks for the info guys. SOunds like this stuff is pretty good. Me thinks I will try some.
Greg Harrison
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