Schaeffer Old Stock?

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Mar 19, 2003
I just purchased a few gallons of 7000. I'm reading the label and it says SJ approved and not SL. What's up with that? Is the label (packaging) that old? I actually saw the rep take them out of cardboard cases that were shipped to him that day, so I'm a bit confused. When did SL come into being? Please help! Thanks!
I believe SL oil started hitting the shelves sometime in mid to late 2001, so that SJ stock is pretty old. Although I don't believe there is a big difference between the two, I know the Schaeffer SJ stuff is very good.

How about telephoning Schaeffer Monday and let us all know what they say?

Please do not post schaeffers web site link as they are not a site supporter. Thanks. B.

Shortly preceding the introduction of API-SL oil, some companies were blending SL oil but using their old SJ containers and labels. Who knows what happened in your case, but there should be a lot number on the packaging you can give Schaeffer to track.


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If it's a concern I'd suggest doing as Ken suggested. But... I don't believe there is much if any difference between the two as they have always been using superior oil blending long before api specs started requiring it. I personally would run either as it will make no difference in the analysis IMO as I have not seen any difference between either.
Ken2: It's a NO go...I purchased 3 gallons, and not the case of gallons. On each gallon there is not LOT or BATCH number...

Bob: Thanks for the input. I'm sure it is just old packaging--just found it odd. Besides, from what I've heard here, they concentrate on the insides and not the outsides.
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