Schaeffer oil change interval

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Apr 21, 2003
newnan , georgia
I just got my 1st order of Schaeffers oil products from Mills in ARK. I got a case of 10w30 syn blend-7000, plus some other great looking products. Many thanks to Bob and Tim for hopefully adding many more miles to all 4 of my autos. My question is, what is the changing interval for this syn blend oil? I have always used Castrol dino 10w30 and changed it at 4000mi. Also, I liked that Schaeffer moly additive I used with my Castrol 20w50 [Patriot] [Patriot] . Last year I used that Lubro-Moly MOs2 stuff,it was thin and gritty.I could see how Schaeffers moly is better. Thanks again... i
gold ranger, you can not even tell that Schaeffer's Oil has Moly in it, just looking at the oil. The oil is not even black in color-it is very green. What a difference from several years ago when some people were selling supplements containing Moly. Instead of having some form of Moly that is just suspended in the oil (hopefully suspended), now they have Moly in the oil at the molecular level. I guess you can say that the people trying to sell the Moly oil supplements were proven right in the end though-Moly is good for an engine, but it has to be in the oil in a molecular form and not merely suspended. I wonder if it would be possible to do the same with some other stuff. Could graphite be in oil in a molecular form? Could PTFE? I am going to aim for 5000 to 6000 mile oil changes with my Schaeffer's Oil. The first oil change I may go only 3000 miles with the Schaeffer's, because I switched from another oil (some people at this web site say you can have problems with 'additive clash') and because as soon as I get my Lube Control I would like to start using it, as long as there are about 3000 miles on the Schaeffer's.
Personally-unless you are really talking real stop and go in hot city traffic you should be able to go 6K miles at your first analysis. If that makes you nervous (which it shouldn't go for 5K miles. I plan on switching one vehicle to it shortly and I will go for 6K miles the first shot.
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