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May 8, 2003
Rome, Ga
Just for a price reference here is the deal I got on Schaeffer 7000 15w-40. I found my local small engine shop with some Micron Moly and asked about him ordereing me some oil. He then quoted 3.11 per quart which I think is an extra good deal. So I will try it and see how it works. Great site, great people!!!! GregH
Schaeffer Supreme 700 series synthetic blend oils with Micron Moly® is a fine oil...your engine will like it. Be aware that you may see some increased oil consumption in the beginning. It can be prevented with an engine purge with either Schaeffer's Neutra or Auto-Rx. Here's the reason for the consumption: --quote-- Though some engine oil consumption is normal and the different original equipment manufacturers can provide general guidelines on acceptable oil consumption, it is not unusual to see an increase in oil consumption after changing brands of engine oil. When upgrading to a premium engine oil such as Schaeffer’s #700 Supreme 7000 SAE 15W-40 or #151 Moly Bond X-200 SAE 15W-40 following the use of other engine oils, normally little difference in oil consumption rates should be expected, especially if the engine is new, has low mileage or is well maintained. There can however be a percentage of engines that may experience a noticeable change in oil consumption rates. Increased oil consumption may be due to several different factors. The previously used engine oil may have built up deposits in different areas in the engine. These deposits, which in some cases act as a seal, can be removed when premium performance engine oils that contain different additive systems, with additional detergents/dispersants, anti-wear and anti-oxidants, is introduced into the engine. This removal process can be more enhanced if different brands of engine oil are mixed together. Mixing of different brands of engine oils can result in the worst of both worlds, instead of the best. The complex chemical reactions that occur in the removal of existing deposits and in interactions between different types of additive chemistries can and will lead to an increase in oil consumption. After these deposits are removed and a balanced equilibrium is where the new engine oil has formed a full seal, oil consumption rates will return at or to very near their original levels. The amount of time required for the engine to regain it previously observed oil consumption rates with the use of the new engine oil can vary from one to three normal drain intervals. This phenomenon is not unique to any one brand of engine and/or engine oil, but is commonly reported, when switching to a premium engine oil, especially in older engines that may have high mileage or may not have a rigorous maintenance program. --end quote-- from Schaeffer TECHNICAL BULLETIN (TB-030305) Ken
Thanks for the tip Ken2. I had used Delvac 1 but it is too hard to get for me. I then used Delvac 1300 for 1 change. My little Kubota only has 352 hours and hopefully no deposits. WIll do some samples later. Thanks again Greg Harrison
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