Scary Tire Repair Being Sold On Ebay

Apr 8, 2019
Scary, scary, scary.
If it works it might be useful on farm plows, where it will never see speeds over 15mph between the barn and field. and lifted off the ground before real work begins.Then again there is no shortage of old warn out tires for this use case.
I'm still being impressed that the harbor freight rope plug has been holding on my tractor tire. I figured the first heavy thing I picked up with the front end loader would push it out. Way less sketchy than this though.
There are those who "fixed" tires on here where the puncture was on the very outside edge of the tire-not quite as bad...but still.
Such negative Nellies. :oops: Maybe this stuff is great for what they show it doing in the pictures??:devilish:
Scary, scary, scary.
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Scary, scary, scary.
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I bought 2 that looked like this last summer. Used them for my hay wagon. $5 a tire and mounted them myself couldn’t pass it up. Especially since the last ones my dad put on in 1987 and they were used lol. Something that never goes over 5mph or goes on the road and just needs to be round and roll kinda deal sure. Anything else you have a death wish.