saying goodbye to the elves...

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Apr 26, 2005
Allentown, PA
Well, the golden GC that has been in my car officially sucks. The car sounds different and runs different too! On my next OCI, I going to Pentosin and calling it even. The green was so nice, why did thet have to change it....... Oh well
Originally posted by kcryan: UOA UOA UOA UOA UOA
I agree! If you don't like the oil, that's fine, but please post a UOA! There are none around here as of yet!! [Cheers!]
Okay, since I just dumped the oil , I cannot do a UOA, but trust me, it is NOT the same. Here's what I did that led me to believe it sucks: I took my 05 1.8T GLI and changed the oil and filter with the green GC and went for a drive on a Saturday with nice weather. Drive around city stop and go for about 30 minutes then I hit the highway. I did this for about one week. Every time the car would come to a stop at a light or a stop sign, the engine got real quiet and the rpms settled nicely. The temps were also normal too. City mpg = 28 Then, I dumped it and changed the oil and filter to the new GC and went for the same ride and same driving conditions. Guess what....everytime the car came to a stop, the engine was running louder than with the green GC. You could hear the engine, but with the green GC, it was near silent. The car ran louder and hotter. City mpg = 24 So, in conclusion, the new GC sucks royally and I am so ****** off that the green is gone. My wife's 04 4cyln Camry has it and it works well in her car as well. She has commented that her car got real quiet! I cannot do an oil UOA, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to be an attentative driver / owner to your car. Its like being a good husband, you don't need a psych degree to do a good job, just be a good listener. Trust me, anyone that uses it, it will disappoint you.
It's better if you like quieter. It's also an indication that it's not the same base oils since the adds aren't that different except for the cleaning compounds. Why do so many assume it's just a color change. It probably a very good oil but I would no longer assume that it's special. I'll get attacked for this because I guess I'm supposed to have faith IN CASTROL.
Well, I always thought that quieter WAS better! When I start to hear some noise under the hood, I start to worry about metal to metal contact, and that cannot be good. I know what my car sounds like with the Green GC ...quieter. Anyhoo, it may work well for others in different applications, but I am one guy who is crying green tears and saying goodbye to those elves who made my car fall in love with them.....
Brian, How many different oils have you had in your 1.8T thus far? By my count you've had green GC, gold GC, and 5W-40 Lubro Moly. All these oils and you only have 1,500 miles on the car. What's made you decide to change so often? And why the different oil each change?
It's all in your head. Did you record the sound of your engine previously? Have you been tracking mpg, 0 to 60 times, other performance testing?
I am trying different oils until I find one that I like. So far, the lubro moly was #2 and GC green was #1. Now, the LM is best, oh well.
Originally posted by brianpavlovic: I am trying different oils until I find one that I like. So far, the lubro moly was #2 and GC green was #1. Now, the LM is best, oh well.
your car is still being broken in, wait until 5000 miles when your engine is at it's peak before deciding on an oil.
I would have given it more time to "break-in". My first week with T&S I was nearly ready to dump it for sucking power ...that overly thick feeling. After 500 miles, it was smooth and sweet. It feels pretty "neutral" now which is good for it's stated visc.
The only oil I've tried that was a smooth and quite as GC was Delvac 15w-40, and next time I try it I'm going to cut it down with a little M1 0w-30. I'm sure the T&Suv is great as well and is a bargin at WM.
I found some 05 GC, but it was green, probably the last batch before switching over the gold stuff. I'd be interested to see what kind of UOA the gold stuff will generate in an LS1. I still think the gold will generate nearly the same results as the green, but that's just me talking. Jason
Well, the golden GC that has been in my car officially sucks. The car sounds different and runs different too!
I wouldnt jump the gun, but it's very possible that the Elves have left the building. They cannot work up the magic to keep the formula they have bc GF-4 has simply shut them down and they can't afford to buy those precious PAO's. [Big Grin]
Originally posted by JeffPGH: Why don't you try a 50/50 mix of M1 5w40 TSUV with M1 0w40? Just a suggestion... Any comments on what this might yield?
You might just create the world's first 3W40.... :-) Actually though, it seems like a silly mix. You're mixing a synthetic diesel oil with a premium synthetic. The add packs won't be geared to the same goal, and if I recall correctly, these oils have different base oils too. Delvac and TSUV are non-Supersyn products, aren't they?
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