Saw some rather old oil still for sale at a hardware store

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
So I was in to the Home Hardware store in town earlier today looking for window screen frames and I decided to take a look to see what they had for oil selection. I noticed a few really old looking bottles of Esso Extra 10w40 on the bottom shelf. I picked one up and the price tag says $3.69. That's a bit much for such an old SF rated oil. Yeah, it's that old. The bottle looks like it's been sitting in someone'd shed for 10 years, all faded and wrinkled. The store has been remodeled a few times since that oil was first bottled, so why do they keep it? They apparently do sell some oil there, they've got a few bottles of SM rated 5w30 Syntec at almost 10 bucks a quart. How old would that quart of 10w40 be?
If you look at this chart you will see that a 20w has to meet cold cranking and cold pumping viscosities, whereas a 20 only has to meet 100C viscosity and High Sheer viscosity.
My old 81 242 Volvo asked for SF oil as does my 87 Volvo. Dang that is old oil. At least the 97 asks for SG or SH oil.
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