Saw "Made In Germany" in Square Bottles

I've been out of the country for four weeks, so have not visited my local AZ for a while. Visited today, and the very first bottle of 0W-30 I saw was the old stuff with the Red Label, made back in 2001, however behind that bottle was a lot of the "semi-square" bottles, made in early 05 that said "Made In Germany" on the back. Because I still have a two or three year supply of GC, I did not buy any, but if/when it goes on sale, I will pick some up. Bob 01 GoldWing 02 Continental 03 Marauder
Pensacola & Vero Beach FL
You saw the stuff bottled in the aftermath of Katrina. For a while after the storm, they were having packaging issues, but this seems to have been fixed. Someone noted this a while back and posted Castrol's explanation.


Berwyn, IL
The fluid is made in Germany, but it is bottled here -- in bottles made in Louisiana until Katrina. One supposes that the elves ship it here in barges or tanker boats. It is then bottled in a secret location. Terry