Saw a commerical for BING today

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Aug 21, 2008
ON, Canada eh?
I'm sittin' here on my laptop havin' a cup-o-joe and I see a commercial for Microsoft's BING sponsoring some Poker tournament while watching A&E-HD (Movie Overboard, I love that movie)

So if they are sponsoring stuff I think they are seriously trying to give Google a run.

MS finally has a couple of decent marketing campaigns. The ads with seinfeld and bill gates were epic failures but disappeared quickly enough. The 20 somethings buying laptops and excited over the wads of money left over fight the folksy mac ads pretty well IMO.
Yes, those Apple ads were brillant but I think Microsoft has good advertising now. I always felt that companies need competition to do really good work.

I really like Bing. I was mostly using Google in the past but just the great photography in Bing along really makes me feel good and the search results often seem more logical. Bing certainly is the best Microsoft has ever done when it comes to web search engines. I find myself using Bing all the time now, except when I am using Safari on my Mac and I can click on frequently used websites very quickly.
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