Saturn Maintenance Videos

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That RichPin guy is fabulous. Watching his videos make me want to go and buy a beater Saturn. I love how he ends all his video with "and that is how you remove the engine from Saturn 2nd generation S-series; That is all to it :)"

He is somewhere in Mass. I wonder if he has a shop to work on customer's cars or only works on his friends' and relatives' cars.

His videos are worth to watch even if you do not own a Saturn. His shows each and every step and is an excellent teacher.

Highly highly recommended,

- Vikas
Originally Posted By: Vikas

He is somewhere in Mass.
- Vikas

That was obvious unless you had the audio turned off

Great videos.
Somebody asked him if he was from "NuYawk" and Rich replied "I am insulted; I am from Bawston" :)

- Vikas, another chowderhead
I thought the story about the elderly gent in Conn. with the Mustang was great. But that is nothing compared to Richpin's video's. In 7 or 8 minutes, he can show you in great detail how to do some basic and not so basic car maintenance. He also gets into the art of trouble shooting. I really like the fact that he shares with you how to modify or manufacture tools you will need for these jobs, such as a one-man brake bleeder, taping a homemade extension onto a 15mm wrench to get to a hard to reach bolt, and -best of all- an EGR valve tester. How do you make a EGR Tester? Well, you cut open an empty Pepsi can and cut out a gasket from the thin aluminum, and bolt it on in place of the reg. gasket. Now a short test drive will tell you...but you must tune in to see what it does. So from spark plug changes- he even gives you the Great Neck tool p.n. for the best DOHC engine s/p tool, to brake pad replacement to pulling a FWD engine, he goes through step by step procededures.
I forgot to mention, he even provides a soundtrack with his videos. A Boston AM R & R station is playing in the background constantly. I also wanted to mention he does another important service that even the car repair manuals don't do-- he gives you the size nut or bolt to be removed and the best tools to do it with. That is a big help to a shadetree mech. As to technique, he normally does the 7 to 9 min. video in one camera shot. And he does it with very little blocking of the work with his hands. That is hard to do. If you don't think so, try making a video of your next manitenance project and see.
I was little surprised by the thermostat replacement video on the Saturn. It seems that Saturn has buried the thermostat way deep in the engine. Almost everything else on Saturn seems to be easier to replace.

- Vikas
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