Sardines: what brand and style?

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Oct 22, 2003
By Detroit
All my life I have been in the habit of picking up a few cans of sardines every now and then. King Oscar brand is wonderful, but expensive. I did find a nice brand for under a dollar, "Brunswick," Product of Canada. I pretty much only get the packed in mustard variety. Another low price brand is Beech Cliff, but I did not like them at all. A funny sardine related story: A co-worker said to me "Oh if you like sardines, you'll love oysters!" He bought me a can. NOT! The oysters were the most disgusting thing I remember ever eating. I nearly turned green. He said, "Funny, I like oysters, but don't care for sardines."
Next time try Ligo from Japan, usually available in Oriental grocery store, excellent taste.
When I used to work at our state DOT District Office I used to sneak down to the (large) local store for sardines. Can't remember the brand though... I prefer mine packed in plain ol' water. I love sardines but it's been a while since I've had them. And I love oysters too!
Pablo, Ligo is Japanese, it is imported by their distributor Tung Chingco in Philippines and is rated numero uno there,there are cans that have made in Philippines on them as Ligo has now set up a plant there but the Made in Japan one is far superior and preferred by the Flips.
mmm.. I like the sardines in mustard the best, I am laying off oysters for about a year due to the pollution stirred up by the hurricanes and most around here probably come from the gulf.
My wife and I both love Sardines, she likes to eat Sardines for Breakfast or Dinner, I like em for Lunch and Dinner, Breakfast too early for Sardines [Eek!] We buy the Beech Cliff Sardines (taste ok) and King Oscar which are better, I like the two or three layer Sardines, better taste. I have a can of Sardines in my drawer at work at this very moment just in case I don't have lunch. I like Sardines with a slice of buttered bread or crackers. My dad first introduced me to Sardines and Kipper Snacks (Smoked Herrings) as a kid, I have loved them ever since. Anyone else like Kipper Snacks?
I like sardines packed in oil. King Oscars are top shelf. Kippered herring is great too, so is mackerel. Smoked oysters and mussels arent too shabby. I even tried some cuttlefish I'm a little suspicious of anything packed in mustard sauce or tomato, but I havent sufered yet.
I like sardines too. Another food the wife can't stand. I think the ones I've always bought were Beech Cliff, the King Oscar name doesn't seem familiar. I've also had the canned 'fish steaks'? I think they are called. I tried them in mustard don't really care for them. Really like the ones packed in hot sauce though! BTW, I also like the canned oysters. I used to put them on crackers. Haven't gotten the wife to try those yet.
Spanish style sardines in olive oil..usually the hot ones! [Cheers!] Ditto on tomato sauces based sardines...also hot but sweet flavored(Master, 555, Ligo).
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