Sandblasting the Avalanche!

Sep 1, 2008
Southeast Texas
I have been having a lot of fun with my 2004 Avalanche at the Xtream Off Road park near Houston.

My 2wd Avalanche is nothing special at all. 220K miles, 5.3L V8, bone stock, work truck. Honestly, the truck is not worth much, so we take it out and push it to the limits at the off road park for fun. The park has a variety of elements to play in. Mud, sand, trails, bumps, water, small hills, and so on. I get up to speed and blast through the mud holes, and rip up and over the hills, but my favorite is playing in deep sand. Even though its a 2wd, it shoots sand roostertails 20 ft. or more when I spin out. I dig and cut through the sand, and have a ton of fun.

Yesterday the Avalanche complained. It spent significant time at 5000+ RPM, and the temp climbed. After a few hours I noticed a bit of steam emminating from under the hood. It was time to go so I drove the 30 miles home easy and it cooled off some. My front end parts are taking a level beating, but thats OK, they can be replaced. Interestingly, A $100,000 hydraulically lifted white and teal green show truck was there and that guy never once spun a wheel or even got his tires dirty. All to their own I suppose.

If you ever get a chance, check it out: