San Francisco Hail

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Jun 2, 2003
Hail happens rarely here. Tonight it it hailed for about 5 minutes pretty heavily. In some spots a one inch layer hail covered the streets.  - The moribundman mobile  - Not the moribundman mobile
By the time the picture was taken it had stopped hailing. The small white blobs that you can see are tiny water droplets on the filter.
From that? No... You should have seen the hail damage in Munich about 20 years ago. Tens of thousands of cars got dimpled. [Big Grin]
twice a year we race out wiht blankets and what-not to cover the Shannowmobiles from hail. dozen times a yeat we see more than the above photos. Friends have a mitsubishi that looks like it was parked at the wrong end of a golf driving range.
Shannow, in the past 12 years I've seen hail only a handful of times in SF. I've seen it snow once downtown, but the snow melted before it hit the ground. In '97 or '98 I saw snow on the coastal range, which was also unusual. I know hail storms from Germany. You know, it's a hot summer day, you are at the local swimming hole, suddenly it gets dark and you get pelted by hail. It's very refreshing! This does not (yet [Wink] ) happen here in California.
Up here in Northern Los Angeles (Santa Clarita, Northridge) we had hail come down for about 10 minutes - looked like those pictures above but melted away pretty quickly. People were freaking out pulling over to the side of the road, it was pretty funny. One thing for sure - it was 38 degrees this morning. Pretty cold for California weather!!! Reminds me of the midwest were I grew up. [Big Grin]
A bit North, in Marin, people managed a 28 car pile-up when it suddenly started snowing the same night we had hail in SF. [Razz]
moribundman, I heard about the snow on today's news. as to second birthday, it snowed. In Summer, Downunder, on Christmas day.
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