Samsung TV issue

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May 16, 2011
Greenville, SC via Chicago, IL
I purchased a Samsung 50'' plasma 16 months ago after saving up for quite some time. Yesterday I noticed a thick red line running vertically on one set. Of course the retailer I purchased it from told me that its out of warranty and would cost $170+ parts (ranging from $200-800). Samsung costumer support is useless and I'm beyond [censored]. I had to rant to someone....
It was a gift from my girlfriend and she paid cash from local retailer. If I could get a copy of the receipt I'd have to do something unethical to the document to get it covered.
Well out of warranty means out of warranty. You're out of luck there, BUT: Try to talk to a regional rep from Samsung. demand from CS that you need to contact one, and would like to escalate the matter. some people at AVS had success with getting in touch with a regional rep. You might be able to argue your case as it happened not so long after the 12 mo. Try to research and see if the issue is a widespread one - that may help you to argue your case with the regional rep.
Samsung repair center called. Gentleman stated that since its "just" out of warranty that Samsung typically covers the repair. I got a hold of the receipt and just sent in all the required info. I'll update this post when I hear back from both parties. I'm trying to not get my hopes up, nothing ever goes my way.
Update and good news!!!! A repair facility called me and I asked the guy what I should do. He emailed me instructions and I called Samsung to see if they would help me out. -Called retailer and had receipt emailed to me, which I forwarded to the repair facility. -I registered the TV on Samsung's website, which gives me an extra 3 months of warranty. This means that my TV warranty expired Jan 29th 2012. -I spoke to a very pleasant Samsung Rep out of S. Carolina. I kindly requested a one-time product warranty extension. She said "sure thing" and forwarded the approval to the repair company. -Repair company is coming out next Friday to replace the whole panel at my place. Samsung didn't have to do this since its out of warranty. I think they gained me as a future customer. I paid $640+ tax for this TV and the new panel/repair is over $500. Below is the email from the repair facility. Call samsung at 1800SAMSUNG. Ask to be transfered to ECR Dept. Tell them your only a month or so out of warranty and would like a one time warranty extension for LABOR and PARTS added to your ticket. Tell them you have your reciept already attached to the service ticket and the service ticket number is XXXXXXXXXXX. If they tell you it's already in warranty status say that the service center requires a SAW for one time warranty allowance be put on ticket or one time warranty extension of labor and parts be put in the warranty terms section of ticket. Once samsung has done this for you give us a call back at 847 429 9330
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