Sample OK to send in?

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May 27, 2005
OK, I was in the middle of my oil change today (just took the plug out) when I remembered, that I wanted to get a sample of the oil. Remember the thread about hot or cold oil changes? Ok, guess what? I did mine hot. Tried to put the oil plug back in and ouch! The oil was way to hot to put the plug back. I will do cold oil changes from now on. Anyway, all I could do is run in the kitchen grab a cup from the cabinet (one of the nice ones) and filled it up. The sample itself should have been alright. It was right in the middle of draining. Could minute amounts of detergent contaminate the sample? The sample should be Honda 5w30 with 2950 miles.
I don't know how easily the tests can be thrown off. I'm sure it was washed in the dish washer and as I glanced inside the cup I didn't see any visible remains of detergent or chunks of beef stew. It appeared perfectly clean. But, I wonder if a thorough enough job is done rinsing to remove all the soap residue and if even a tiny amount would skew the outcome. My coffee never taste like soap, so, I know it doesn't leave that much. My guess is probably not, but, the sample certainly didn't go straight into the sampling bottle.
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