sample for Blackstone

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Jul 4, 2003
San Antonio, TX
I pulled my first UOA sample yesterday. Can I wait 9 or 10 weeks and send in 2 samples, or should I send the first one now?

How Much $ do I send with them?

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I wouldn't wait, just because I'd be dying to find out the results.

$20 for basic analysis.
$30 for analysis that includes TBN.
$35 for Terry Dyson package (includes TBN).
Well, I've had the kits since last April so I'm in no hurry to see the results on the first sample.

I changed brands of oil though and I'm very interested in the comparison.

Thanks, Joe
I would not wait, because certain aspects of that oil will change if it's sitting for a while before being sampled. So it would not be a true test. I drop my samples off right at the lab, so it's usually tested within 24 hours of being sampled.
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